Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Kimber took this picture of Sophies foot and I thought it was so cute!!
The morning Spence left!! I swear Sophie knew what was going on cause she was extra cuddly! It was soooo sad.
Look at her tummy ! HAHAHA!!
Her first try of a popsicle! Not so much a fan! A little sour.
Kimber and Sophie jammin' at Target in Kallispell

So I am back in Canada! Spencer and I both went to a family reunion a week ago and then he went home on Monday and I am here for the rest of the summer. We had alot of fun at the reunion. Most of my family didn't know we were even coming. We only decided a few days before we came so we decided to keep it a secret. Spence had a nice break from work and it was great to be able to spend some time together. Anyway Spence left to go back to Philadelphia on Monday and it was really sad. I hate being away from him! When I was pregnant I had to be in Canada for the last 8 weeks of my pregnancy for health care purposes and I only saw him once in that time. It was so tough. I told myself I wouldn't ever do that again but here I am. ha! No I am really glad that I am here. It was important that I find a place to live for the fall.... speaking of which does anyone know of a 3 bedroom place in Lethbridge?? If so let me know!! Anyway everything is real good for us. Spencer is keeping really busy with work and I am having alot of fun with family. I am really excited about the parade and heritage days this weekend. And also....... Sophie is somewhat sleeping the night FINALLY!!! She has been sleeping 9-6 then eating for about 5 minutes then sleeping till 9. I am hoping that it she will continue to sleep like this and maybe eventually drop her 6:00 feeding but we will see!! Anyway I will try my best to keep everyone posted. My parents have there trailer parked in west glacier so we will be back and forth all month. And P.S. HI SPENCE!!! MISS YA!! LOVE YA!!