Saturday, January 23, 2010

speaking of sisters...

She might as well be my sister..... she's as close as it comes. She's the best friend Il could ask for. Spence and Ben have been best buds forever and so when he married Kristi I was thrilled. She has been there for me in the best and worst of times. When my Grandpa was sick she was the best support I could ask for. She is the nicest mom to her girls.. I am pretty sure Sophie loves her more than me. and ps i ADORE her girls!!!
Our husbands get so annoyed because they say that we are pretty much the same personality. We drive them crazy because we tend to get a little out of control. I laugh so hard it hurts when were together.. even when were not together were chatting on our blackberrys... laughing so hard it hurts..... seriously it's kinda ridiculous.
Anyway I love this chick and am so grateful for all she does and what a caring, generous, supportive, HILARIOUS, wicked awesome best friend she is!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Last night I had one of the scariest nights of my life... Kara called me in a hysterical panic saying that Kimber had been in a car accident. Without getting into too much detail she knew she had been in an accident close to her house, she didn't know where and she didn't know how bad but she knew the ambulance was on the way. Luckily I live just around the block so she came and picked me up and we went looking for the ambulance. She turned out to have only minor injuries but for that 5 minutes I had a million thoughts go through my head.. what if she isn't ok? How would I ever live without Kimber? Have I told her how awesome she is enough? Anyway it's moments like that, as scary as it was, that I think we all need to reprioritize and not take the important things.. and people for granted. As Kara and I sat on Kimber's bed in the emergency room I looked at them both and really truly felt so much gratitude for them both. I know a lot of people grow up hating their siblings but it was never like that.
Growing up Kara and I were really close. We always went to each other for advice and we knew everything about each other. My mom and dad always say that all they would hear every night at bedtime was giggling from our room mostly on my end because she was always making me laugh. She is the most caring person I know. She is so crazy off the wall and has so much energy and motivation.

As we got older all of a sudden Kimber wasn't the little baby sister anymore (she is 7 years younger than me.) Anyway, Kimber and I have become so close. Our personalities and desires are so similar and we see each other almost every day. I love how she always asks for advice from me and I really believe that she really values my opinions. She is the youngest but she is the best example to me. She lives so righteously and bases all of her decisions on the spirit. Anyway I love my sisters! I LOVE MY SISTERS!!!! They are both so funny and witty and spontaneous. They have such fun, dramatic, glamorous lives that I love to live vicariously through and we have so much fun together.
As we were driving home from the hospital we started talking about how lucky we are to have each other... I can't imagine my life without either of them. They are so important to me and this really reminded me of that.
It also made me think about how extremely lucky these two little sweeties are to have each other...

Monday, January 18, 2010

I love it!

I am so lucky to have 2 of the worlds cuddliest little girlies. Every time they lean there soft fuzzy little heads on my chest I melt. Mmmmm mmmm yum!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tooo wicked the olympic torch came through LETH!!!

When we heard that the olympic torch was coming through little old Lethbridge we were pretty pumped! Of course the Wolsey's came over and we were all geared up to go. The festivities didn't start for another hour so we were just hanging out at our house when all of a sudden we hear all of this loud music. We ran outside to see what was going on and low and behold the torch was coming down the street at the end of our block! It was so wicked! There wasn't even hardly anyone there so he ran right past us. Crazy!

The girls were so excited.. they didn't really know why they were so excited but they were...

It was really cool once we got to Henderson Park where all the excitement was. They were giving away cool stuff and there was local performers. Sophie and Grace were waving there flags around.. kinda sounds lame but I was pretty proud to be canadian!

they were giving out these cool coke bottles in aluminum bottles... i asked how much they cost and he said a smile. so here are our biggest smiles. ps. i love kristi wolsey!

We even got a pic with one of the torch bearers. Spencer is super cool right?
When we got back to our place the girls of course had to have a bath together and get there jammies on.. it's kinda a tradition with them... then the photoshoot begins... (also a tradition)

All in all a super fun night!! Now I must get some sleep!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas and... someone's 3!!!

A little recap or the last month:
Christmas came and went.. got the girls cute little dresses from Target. I always always wanted 2 little girls that I could dress the same. Poor dears. I hated it when my mom did that to us and now here I am doing the same darn thing.

Spent sometime at the Wolseys before Christmas. Kristi and I acted like we were 14. It was awesome!
Christmas was a very different christmas. I feel like when my Grandpa died we all went into shock for a little while.. It seems like that shock was wearing off by christmas and everything became really real for all of us that we really were spending christmas without him. Gosh, it was a little rough. We spent a little while on christmas eve at my grandpas grave where we sang Christmas songs and lit a candle inside a frozen cover. It was so neat and I would love to be able to do that every year.
Ok so this year for christmas we decided to focus more on what christmas was all about and not get caught up in the presents. We each bought 1 present for ourselves, wrapped it up and on christmas day we put them all in a pile. We each chose one, opened it and had to guess who's it was. I did buy my kids presents so we all sat and watched them open there presents which is the most fun anyway. It was awesome and so low stress, but mostly could focus on the true meaning of christmas.
Last but not least MY BABY IS 3!!!!! I guess I shouldn't say my baby because I have a baby but seriously-- how did this happen??? She was so excited about her party. We had it at the APX office and she had so much fun. 3 years has come and gone and my sweet little baby has become a little girl. She:
-Loves princesses.. anything princess. She sees someone in a fancy dress and she thinks she is a princess. She would wear princess dresses everyday if I let her. Her favorite princess is usually cinderella but it does change on occasion.
-She is the best BEST cuddler. She nestles up next to me and her little body just melts. She always says "i need a little cuddle time k.."
-She is super shy to people she doesn't know. I think people think she's snobby until she warms up to you.
-She tells me that when she's bigger she's going to fly instead if walk.
- She hates wearing pants. She say it makes her legs hot
-If you ask her what she wants for lunch she almost always says a salad.. she loves greek salad especially. I wish I loved salads as much as her.
-She is SUCH a good big sister. She has never pushed, pinched, bit or hit Ella. She is super gentle and affectionate with her
-She says the funniest things and picks up on everything. I think she's a pretty smart cookie.

We love her crazy lots and hate to see her get bigger and grow up but love watching her learn and grow and get so excited as she does it. Happy Birthday Sophie Pie.