Thursday, January 27, 2011

My baby is 2!

Yep, she is definitely 2.. 

I love this girl! She gets me so good. She is so stinking hilarious. So much personality is packed into this little 2 year old. She loves to cuddle, loves her big sister (and loves to pick on her), has so much energy, would be outside all day even if it's minus 40, has to have her babies at all times, loves apples and gickles (pickles), thinks its funny to act like a doggy all the time, sleeps 14 hours every night, loves to dress up in pittys ( pretty princess dresses), and thinks all of our jokes are super funny (bless her heart)!  We  are so grateful for her... but yes she is definitely 2! 
Happy Birthday baby Ella!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas was great!

How darling are these little nightgowns my mom made out of leftover fabric from our christmas jammies when we were this little. It was like a blast from the past.

 We decided Santa had enough cookies for the night so we left him some grapes and carrots.. and some peanuts for the reindeer obviously
 Christmas morning Ella just wanted to chill.. She opened her dollies and her sunglasses from the top of her stocking and she was done. Soph definitely opened the rest of her presents... Please don't judge me for still giving her a bottle. I have no excuses.. except I'm weak. :)
All in all christmas 2010 was a sucess.. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My big girl

IS 4! It was her GOLDEN birthday this year!!
We had a little party with the fam to celebrate the occasion. When I say family that includes the Wolseys. Kai and Gracie are sisters to my girls.. obviously. Anyway we had some yummy food, opened presents,

had some cake.. fashion fairytale cake that is
and obviously a party without dressing up is no party.  Gosh I love having girls!.. seriously how cute are these little princesses?
Happy birthday my sweet little girl! You have grown up so much and your daddy and I love you so much we can't hardly stand it!

A perfect picture

As a photographer I am constantly striving to get my exposure right, my composition interesting, my focus tack sharp and trying to figure out the perfect angles for my subjects. That's what some might call the perfect picture.. but to me this is the perfect picture.. Ya, you can see the toilet in our ensuite, an ugly cell phone cord on my bedside table, the focus is off.. i could go on.. BUT to me it's perfect. It's real. I happened to have my camera sitting on the dresser and quickly turned my camera onto the forbidden "auto" and snapped. My girls genuinely adore there daddy and I think this perfectly captures that.

Monday, January 3, 2011

It's official!!

These two little love birds are gettin hitched! Everyone who knows me knows how much I love love my sisters!!  I am just so thrilled that Kar found a guy that absolutely adores her! Jon is awesome and were so excited to have him in the family... especially Spencer. He may have a slight obsession.. Were working on it. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My new years resolution

Is to be a better blogger. I have just plain sucked! It's been almost 4 months!!! Wowzas! So here I go.

It's been a great 4 months!

My girls are getting so big and fun! 
It's music to my ears when I hear giggling coming from the bedroom and I peek in to see them playing with there dollys having so much fun. 

My ella girl- She's such a monster sometimes. Definitely a girl who knows what she wants and most of the time gets it. She isn't talking a ton which at first stressed me out until we turned on a baby moniter in her room and have come to find out she actually does know how to talk.. just doesn't like to talk in front of people. In fact, when we acknowledge her when she says things she gets so shy and embarresed. I think she's just trying to perfect it then she'll break out the full sentances. 
I just love her to death and she is such a cuddly sweet little thing. She gets me so good!

Soph is my little sweetheart. She has such a sensitive little heart and has grown up so much. She is such a big help to me! She has also made quite a few friends lately. We can't see them... Actually she admittedly can't see them either but they do keep her quite entertained throughout the day. Ella looks at her like shes loco but Sophie loves her Lily Jasmine, Katie, Jessar, and Sam. She had to wear bright red lipstick so that she could go to the fashion show with them the other day. Oh dear me! She has quite the imagination and entertains me with her big ideas on a daily basis. She told me yesterday that it was time to move because she is ready for a new house with a new, pink room for her. We settled on keeping the house and painting her walls pink instead.. Much easier.

Our little family is doing great. Spence is enjoying some down time before things start to get crazy with work again soon.. I am nice and busy with my photography and loving it. I can't believe that support and encouragement I have felt since starting this little endeavour and I am so excited for whats to come.

Lastly, I have a lot of people asking if I lost weight so here it goes... Yikes I can't believe I am posting this. Yes, I have lost 35 pounds... And the healthy way. Nothing crazy.. just the good old fashion eating right and exercise. I kinda started in June but then really commited to it in August and started the lifestyles program at the Cardston clinic. I still have 12 pounds to go but I feel so much better emotionally and physically. One thing I discovered in this process was that I actually am an emotional eater. I don't eat when I'm sad but I eat when I am happy(which is an emotion too.. haha). I guess I always just thought emotional eating was when you are depressed.. I have now learned to replace the food with other things. Since losing the weight it seems that everything has been falling into place and I have a lot more balance.
So there you have it.. THe last 4 months in review. I really am going to be a better blogger!! I promise!