Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Random thoughts

Some random things that I just can't seem to stop thinking about..

-Everytime I walk in the door to my house I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude to live here... for a lot of reasons. Let me elaborate. 4 years ago when Sophie was born Spencer and I lived with my parents, Spencer had to drop out of school because the funds were vanishing so my mom and dad graciously offered us a place to live till we got our head above water. Spencer had worked for APX the summer before but selling was not his forte so he decided to give the tech end of things a go. We loaded up our little 4 month old baby up and drove 40 hours east to Philadelphia and thats where it all began. With the debt load we had acquired from being at school in the states and me not being able to work without a visa, I would have thought that buying a house would be something that "might" happen in 10 years.  Never would I have believed that 3 years later we would be buying this house. Random opportunities have come up left and right for him and we have really buckled down and budgeted. We lived in a ghetto apartment, limited our spending and really made a lot of sacrifices so that we could make this happen. Like with anything, when you really work so hard for something it makes it that much better in the end and we have loved living in this house for the last year. It's just perfect for us!

-Kinda going along with the last one, I complain a lot about spencers job. It is hard being apart from him and it can be really stressful for him also.. but I need to get a better attitude about it. Vivint (yes they changed there name) has been so good to Spencer and through this company I have met some of my best friends and Spencer has met some of his. We have brought all 3 of my siblings into it, resulting in them being very successful also... and Kara met her prince charming.. Yes I will take full credit for that one forever. So my attitude has changed... Im not saying I will never complain again but I am very grateful for all that this company has done for us and will continue to be. 
How cute is he? This is 5 years ago when he first started. 

- There is a time of the month.. (not the time your thinking about) every month that I have wicked bad cravings. No, Im not pregnant. Its annoying because I eat so good for 3 weeks then that week I just can't seem to control myself. I really want to lose 8 more pounds and I just can't quite seem to get rid of them.. I think I need to step it up with the exercise. 

Ohhh yum!

- I was able to attend a fundraiser for a really special family in Cardston yesterday. I have been involved in productions with Brad Wynder and his awesome mama Jolene. Brad had to have extensive heart surgery last week and has been in the hospital since the beginning of December. It has been very scary for the whole family and they truly have witnessed many miracles. It was amazing to see the community join together and make it such a success. The theatre was packed all day long and people who didn't even know the Wynder family came by to show there support. It reaffirmed to me what an amazing community Cardston is and how much I want to raise my family there.

- I love Emily from the Bachelor. She is a doll. Like seriously Brad Womakkk choose her.... or your dumb

-Last but not least. My life has reached a new level of happiness this past week. I was having one of those days and then my dear sweet husband managed to make a dang crappy day to the best day of my life (ok 4th best day of my life) when  he walked in the door with this beautiful thing. The camera of my dreams.. the 5D MARK 2!!! AAAhhhhh aaahhh aaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Like seriously aaaaaah!!!!! I still haven't come down off the adrenaline high.

So anyway there goes my most random blog post. Im sure I lost most of ya at line 425 but for those of you that lasted till the end.. good for you and.. you win a million dollars. CONGRATS!

Saturday, February 12, 2011