Monday, December 15, 2008

Spa Night

My sister, Kara came out last night for a sleepover. She babysat Sophie all day today while Spence and I finished all of our christmas shopping so she thought she might as well spend the night. It is so great when she comes over. We love having her here but we also love not having to be parents. Sophie is Kara's hugest fan and goes totally nuts when she is here. They played all night while Spence and I watched a movie. Kara even bathed her, put her in her jammies and put her to bed. Haha. We really should be paying her. Anyway Kara was washing her face and brushing her teeth and pretty soon before I knew it Sophie had green facemask all over her face. That is sooooooo not Sophie to get anything dirty or messy on her face or hands but if Kara was doing it then surely it must be something she would want to do also! Anyway it was hilarious and cute and Sophies skin has never had such a glow.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You Can't Stop The Beat!!

My sister, Kara has a friend that works for ticketmaster and he got my Mom, Grandma, Kimber, Kara and I discounted tickets to the broadway musical, "Hairspray"in calgary. We had so much fun and LOVED the show. Everyones voices were dynamite and the acting and energy was awesome. It was so fun to have a night away with the girls too. I also went to James Blunt with Kara last week thanks to her friend also. I went with her 2 years ago too when I was as pregnant as I am now. Both times the baby danced around in there the whole time. Maybe my girls will grow up to love James like I do.