Sunday, June 15, 2008

Top 10 reasons I LOVE this guy:

10. He always makes me laugh.. even in the most dramatic or stressful of moments. HE can always find humor in a real bad situation.

9. He never ever ever EVER yells.. except when playing sports, board or card games. haha.

8. He is irrasistable and makes my heart flutter everyday!! :)

7. He lets me sleep in A LOT!

6. He is very knowledgeable in the gospel and teaches me so much.

5. He is an exquisite chef. Exquisite!! that is a fun word. seriously a WAY better cook then i am.

4. He is a very hard worker and puts his whole heart into everything.

3. He is very tolerant of me and my craziness! Seriously...I'm really crazy and paranoid!

2. He loves his baby girl and is SO proud of her. He is such an incredible dad!

1. He treats me with so much respect, always tells me I look nice.. even though most of the time i am in my sweats with no makeup ( i really like to be comfy), he has such an upbeat attitude, and he is just the greatest husband EVER!!!

i think that was more that 10.. but oh well! Happy Fathers Day Spence!

Love your two biggest fans, Kels and Soph

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hello Edmonton!!

Well, we made it here safe and sound. Spence has been in Edmonton for the past week and a half and I have been here since Friday. I am quite bored so far.. I don't have a phone, or cable and it has been kinda cold out so we can't go on any walks. Oh well. I do have an internet connection from the neighbors. It is nice to be in Edmonton though. I forgot how much I loved the city that Spence and I fell in love it.. HAHA. Anyways nothing really is new and exciting with us. We did do the drive from Indy to Cardston with Sophie. Apx got me a flight but when I looked at the itinerary it was 16 hours long. Needless to say that was not happening. 16 hours of flying or 24 hours of driving. I'll take the extra 8 in the car! It actually wasn't bad. Sophie was a pretty good little girl on the road. Although she did hit her breaking point in Babb (30 minutes from home) when a large duffel bag fell on her head while she was sleeping. I am just happy it happened then when we were almost home. Anyway I spent 5 days at home with my fam before I came up here. It was great! It was raining when we got there and Sophie discovered puddles.. and worms. Now everytime she sees a puddle she wants to go jump in it.

I screamed so loud when Sophie touched this worm it totally freaked her out. I hate worms, snakes, frogs.. anything slimy. I know I have said that before. I'll say it again. eeek.

spence was snapping some pics of sophie while i was getting ready... obviously her hair wasn't done yet. she wakes up with some serious bed head.