Friday, March 28, 2008

Freezie Breezie

Sophie's top molars are starting to come through. It has been freezie after freezie. I found some from Safeway that are pure fruit juice. When she sees them she gets so excited! When I realized that her freezie actually matched her shirt the camera just had to come out.

Bowling With My Homies

We had the funnest week last week. My uncle Mark came to visit from Toronto. We don't get to see him very often so we did a lot of playing in that week. Sophie was pretty tuckered out by the end of the week but it was all worth it. We went bowling one of the days and it was really fun. Sophie was a little Psycho. She kept running into the lane and then she would slip because it was oily. She would get so mad everytime I grabbed her. She wanted to play so bad. I got second place by 1 point. Spence won, of course. He always wins at everything. Ugggh. He is so competitive. Anyway we had such a fun time. We were sad to see him leave. We miss you Mark! Come back!
such a pro! bowling with sophie in arms and he still wins.
1 point people! 1 point!!!!
we had to distract sophie with a little bit of a kit kat.. didn't even realize it was all over her face till after the picture was taken.
owww owwwwwww

even sophie got bowling shoes. i didn't know they made them that small.
my cute cuz, meg and sophie. sophie has always loved meg more than anyone!
Kole, Uncle Regan and Aunt Francey waitng there turn
Uncle Mark and Spence

i guess it was sophie's turn??
thank goodness for my grandma! she just took over and played with sophie a lot of the time!
not quite sure what this is all about??

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Time For Bed

This is when we know that it is definately time for bed. Every night when she is getting tired she will start pacing the floor and growling like a little bear. She really doesn't always have that low of a voice I swear! Anyway I guess it's her own little way of letting us know it's time!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rock out!

Sophie loves music! She loves to rock out when the music comes on. When she is fussing in the car I crank up the music and she quiets up and starts to dance everytime without fail. Lately she has wanted to sit on our lap everytime we are on the computer so we pop on the headphones, turn on some music ( the heavier the beat the better) and she is happy as can be.
Another funny thing... I was picking out and outfit for Sophie and I coudn't choose between two. A red top and skinny jeans or a pink dress with white footless tights??? So difficult...It's so fun dressing up my girly! Anyway I said, "Sophie what do you wanna wear? This or that?" Without hesitation she pointed to the red top and skinny jeans and said, "That!" I thought I was gonna die laughing and of course when I started laughing she knew she did something good and kept saying, "THAT THAT THAT THAT!!" What a girl!

Spence and Sophie in "that" outfit!

I am sorry for the massive amounts of posts. I had a ton of pics and so I had to do 3....

Big girly!

Sophie has to eat her food with utensils lately. She has been grabbing for our utensils for awhile and I hated giving her a sharp fork so we bought her a set of her own and she loves it. She doesn't get a lot done and eventually ends up picking most of it up with her fingers but at least she is learning. This is her eating her scrambled eggs with her fork, I think it's pretty cute!


We have really been enjoying the beautiful weather lately. Funny thing is, if this was June weather we would all be FREEZING! But it's not and we are loving our 14 degree celsius days. We have had the funnest time going to the park by our house. In fact the other day we just had to have a picnic. We picked up a bucket of KFC and hit up Henderson Park. There was still snow on the ground but we just had to. Anyway I today was a little colder and SUPER windy which was not exciting but hopefully it gets nicer again soon. I hate the cold!..... Why do I want to live here forever?
Kimp and Ipoor little red nose.

mmm mmmm. i love the look on sophie's face
she absoloutly loves to be thrown up in the air

this is her latest.... when she starts to hysterically laugh she has to put her head down on the ground just like this. I guess that it's that funny that she does not have the strength to keep that head up.

She never likes to be carried anymore. Apparantly she is a big girl now.
I think that she thought rocks were candy. I freaked when I looked over and she was putting rocks in her mouth. Eeeewwwwww sick!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Well the dreaded molars have come! Sophie is not a happy camper when she gets teeth but it goes much deeper than that with molars. She has been MAD about these bad boys pushin' there way through her gums. She has gotten 2 in the last 2 days. I feel so bad for her. You can tell the poor thing is in pain. She has been a bundle of emotions. I made her a smoothie yesterday to cool her gums and i just made it in the magic bullet and put a straw in it and gave it to her. She was so happy and drinking it down and loving it. Then it started to spill. Not such a good thing. I quickly emptied it into a cup with a lid and straw. Apparently that was the wrong thing to do and she had a meltdown. I put it back in the other cup and let the cold cold smoothie spill everywhere. Everything was great after that. I wish these teeth weren't so mean to her.

So happy to have her smoothie

I know I am so evil for taking pictures as my little girl is bawling
Back to the old cup... all better
And oh ya! I got a new cut and highlights. I am finally back to my blonde. It is good to be back. My friend, Kristy Wolsey did a great job. I love it!