Thursday, January 31, 2008

Savin' some for later

Sophie has had this thing the past week or so. After she has finished eating her meal she will put the remains in her hair. It is quite gross and it is creating alot more bathtime then usual but it is also really funny too. I will say, "Sophie don't!" and then she looks back at me and says, "Don't!" and shakes her head then keeps on doing it. I try really hard not to smile because I don't want to encourage her but sometimes it is so hard. Yesterday she had 3 baths. She was eating oranges for breakfast and she put all of the juice in it... There was pulp in there and it was so sticky.

This one was the funniest. I seriously thought that Spencer had put the macaroni and peas in there but it was all her. I guess she thought we might not notice and she could have a midnight snack.Sorry Sophie!

This is her rubbing Milk in her hair.

Anyway I think that I just need to start taking her out of her highchairt as soon as she is done eating. I did that this morning and it was good. This morning was quite a treat. She slept in till 10:30. I love that she doesn't go to bed super early. I have started putting her down between 8:30 and 10:00. I know that it sounds crazy but it works really good for us. She will usually sleep 13 hours. I love it! She is also a walking machine now. She never ever crawls anymore. It is so fun! She wants to be walking all the time. Even in the stores and restaurants which is a little frustrating. But oh well. Oh one other thing.. we are going to Indianapolis this summer with APX. We just found out. I am so excited! We went there not last summer but the summer before and it was really fun. I was pregnant and pretty sick so I didn't get out as often as I wanted so I am looking forward to seeing more Indy. It should be a ton of fun!

Another photoshoot!

My friend, Jill is a photographer in town. She wanted me to come in and get some pics done of Sophie when she was a newborn baby and I just never got around to it... I will forever regret that one. Anyway we got together with her and her husband, Ryan awhile back and decided to finally have a little photoshoot. She got some really cute ones. Between these pics and the ones Krystie did I have SOOO many cute pics of Sophie. I'm lucky to have friends that are so talented! I just ordered a TON of enlargements from both photoshoots and I don't know where I am gonna put them all.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Sophie and I before the party started. I am making the cheesiest face.
sophies first dolly

So the birthday party was real fun! We just had family there and it was really simple. We had cake and opened presents... Sophie got extremely spoiled. Whats new? The cake didn't really turn out like I wanted it too but oh well. It was chocolate with big pink polkadots and it was so cute then it got really warm and the pink polkadots on the side ran. It was actually quite funny. But the best part of the night was when Sophie started to walk... It was so hilarious. All of a sudden we looked over and she was walking across the room. She made her big debut at her birthday party. I love that she can finally walk. It has been frustrating her to no end and now that she has finally done it she is so proud of herself. She still crawls alot but she is walking more and more everyday.
One other thing my family got back from Ecuador. They had so much fun.. except for my mom had to go to a ecuadorian dentist to get a root canal which is never a good thing. But they brought us home SOOOOOOO much stuff. I was so excited because my dad and kara bought me the alias seasons. I am creepishly obsessed with Alias. I love it love it love it!!!
Spence also started up school again. He has all of his classes on tuesdays and thursdays and 1 on friday which is really nice. But he is going to get a job which kinda sucks but oh well. Anyway Sophie is awake so I better end this!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

I have a 1 year old....WHAT??

Me just over a year ago and yes I know... I WAS enormous!!
Sophie just born
3 months
6 months
My little 1 year old

I can't believe it! Sophie is turning 1 tommorow!!! This year has flown by. I can't believe that it has been a year. It seems like just yesterday Spence and I were on our way to the hospital to have her... crazy. Anyway we aren't having her party until Saturday. My parents and Kara and Kimber have been in Ecuador and won't be back until Saturday morning so we will celebrate when they get back. Were not going to do anything extravegant.. just family and cake and pizza. Anyway I am so excited that she is one.. for some reason that just seems so crazy though. She has been such a joy in our lives. I love her so much. I love how feisty she can be, her determination, her quirkiness, her chubby little cheeks, how excited she gets when I have left for a bit and come home, her funny little personality, the way she giggles at the silliest things, and how loving she is. Some might think were crazy but she falls asleep in either mine or spencers arms every night and it is the best time of the day for us. She rubs my arm and sighs as she is falling asleep and I just stare at her and think of how lucky I am to have this little angel. Anyway