Monday, December 15, 2008

Spa Night

My sister, Kara came out last night for a sleepover. She babysat Sophie all day today while Spence and I finished all of our christmas shopping so she thought she might as well spend the night. It is so great when she comes over. We love having her here but we also love not having to be parents. Sophie is Kara's hugest fan and goes totally nuts when she is here. They played all night while Spence and I watched a movie. Kara even bathed her, put her in her jammies and put her to bed. Haha. We really should be paying her. Anyway Kara was washing her face and brushing her teeth and pretty soon before I knew it Sophie had green facemask all over her face. That is sooooooo not Sophie to get anything dirty or messy on her face or hands but if Kara was doing it then surely it must be something she would want to do also! Anyway it was hilarious and cute and Sophies skin has never had such a glow.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You Can't Stop The Beat!!

My sister, Kara has a friend that works for ticketmaster and he got my Mom, Grandma, Kimber, Kara and I discounted tickets to the broadway musical, "Hairspray"in calgary. We had so much fun and LOVED the show. Everyones voices were dynamite and the acting and energy was awesome. It was so fun to have a night away with the girls too. I also went to James Blunt with Kara last week thanks to her friend also. I went with her 2 years ago too when I was as pregnant as I am now. Both times the baby danced around in there the whole time. Maybe my girls will grow up to love James like I do.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yay Christmas!!

I love christmas!! I have been dying to put up our tree and finally we did it last night... we, meaning me. Spence seemed to all of a sudden have a bunch of phone calls to make once I mentioned putting up the christmas decorations???? hmmmm. jks. He did help eventually. Sophie was real excited about it all and thought she was being a big help also.

I have had a ton of people telling me to put prego pics. I don't take pics of myself from the waist down when I am pregnant but finally decided I should take at least a few. This was yesterday. I am almost 32 weeks. I am feeling pretty good so far. You wouldn't think it but the size of my massive belly. If you can believe it I am smaller then I was with Sophie. Everyone thought I was full term by now with her. Anyway I haven't quite reached the uncomfortable stage and am sleeping really good... I am sure that is due to the fact that I got a memory foam pillow. Anyone who has headaches or back pain try one!! I started to get some back pain and headaches when I hit 28 weeks and my brother told me to go get one because it helped fix his back on his mission. I hated it the first night, kinda sorta hated it the 2nd night and the 3rd night LOVED it. And loved the way my back felt.. and the headaches.. GONE! So theres my memory foam pillow plug. Anyway here is a picture of me pregnant so anyone who needs a good laugh.. here you go! a few more pics from the last week. This was a after a long day of christmas shopping and no nap. At about 6:30 she was watching cartoons and zonked out. lovely!!

Ok.. so I don't know if this is even that special but everyone I show it to seems to think so. For the last 6 months Sophie always brings us a pen and says,"draw eyes".. We draw eyes then she tells us to, "draw nose".. we draw nose then she tells us to draw mouth, hair, ears, ect until we are all done the face. In church we end up with about 100 faces drawn all over sheets over paper. Anyway the other day Spence called me into the room and told me he watched Sophie draw this picture all by herself. I didn't believe him but he swore it was all her. It might not be that cool but I think this is a pretty good picture for a 23 month old personally. She has since been drawing more and more faces.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

my little sweetheart

My baby is changing into a little girl. I have been feeling so much better about having this baby lately. I was terrified a month ago but in the last month I feel like Sophie is growing up so much. She understands pretty much everything and is such a good little communicator. She always says, "I lub you mommy" and "I lub you daddy". It melts my heart. Some other cute little things she does is says, "La" before almost everything. I think because her name is french sounding she thinks she is french.. haha. The other day she said, "La Sophie la wants la samich (sandwich)." Also the other day Spencers mom and dad brought her some new books and she was soo excited -- Sophie loves books so much. Anyway Grandpa Pankhurst opened up one of the books and it said "ABC" on it and before anyone said anything she said "OH! ABC's" I don't know where she learns half the things she says. Anyway I am so in love with this little sweetheart. She makes me so happy with the cute little things she says and does. She shows so much affection with kisses and hugs all the time. We think she is pretty awesome... and smart.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

70 years!

If you can believe it my dear Grandma and Grandpa Leavitt have been married a whole 70 years. My Grandpa just celebrated his 95th birthday and then the next day they had there 70 year anniversary. We had a celebration at the silk purse last night and it was lovely. I was worried that we weren't going to be able to make it because Sophie has been sick sick with the pukes. I was throwing up all day thursday and then poor little Sophie got it Friday and she was still throwing up a little on Saturday morning. She perked up around 3:00 so we headed in to the big party. My Grandma and Grandpa Leavitt are the most darling couple I know. They have the cutest ways of showing there love for eachother and an incredible zest for life. They are both
90+ and still live in there own home in the country and my Grandpa still drives his car and rides his horse. I had to give a lesson on Charity a few years ago and the first person that came to my mind was my Grandma Leavitt. She is such a sensitive lady with so much love for her family, friends, ward members and especially her savior. I can bet that every cousin in the family feels like they are the favorite because that is how my Grandma makes them feel. My Grandpa has a really funny/corny personality just like my dad that is always keeping us laughing. He is so flirty with my Grandma.. they still act like newlyweds. Anyway I know that they are keeping eachother young and I wouldn't be suprised if we were celebrating there 75 year in 5 years.

Kara and Watson at the anniversary party. Watson stuffed a whole entire brownie in his mouth.. So Tanner!

Kara is creepy! I think this pic is funny! I love the look on everyones faces.

This is my cousin, Katrinas cute little Nya.

Watson is such a kisser. Benita was pretty happy about this one!
I love this! this is SOO Watson and Sophie! He gets so excited to see her that he just wants to hug her and touch her. Sophie isn't too happy about it. I love my moms face!
Kara and Benita Cute girls!We had Ben and Kristi over last week. It was so much fun getting together with them finally. Kaia is so cute and so much fun. It got me REAL excited about having my little girl in a few months!! I know that they will be the greatest friends.
Sophie absloutly adores Grace. They are so cute together... such typical little girls. Playing with dollies and giggling. It made me so happy. The funniest thing was when Sophie started pulling all the crayons out of the container and started throwing them all on the ground. It was seriously stressing Grace out to the maximum.. she was busily trying to pick every last one of them up in an attempt to clean up the big mess. It was hilarious to see there opposite little personalities. Sophie could seriously learn a thing or two about being tidy from Gracie that's for sure.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

My mom got this cute little chicken costume for Sophie and this is how she felt about it!

The chicken costume didn't end up happening. I have a seriously wierd phobia of chickens.. I thought this little chicken was about the most adorable thing but real chickens give me the heebee jeebees.. maybe Soph feels the same way about them???

Oh ya! We have been working on this...... we'll see what happens. I'm not getting my hopes up. Anyway here are a few other cute pics from this last week. I just noticed that Spence is in every single one of them... shows whos been doing the majority of the parenting lately.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

this is for you kristi!

so this post is for kristi so that she will quit bugging me about being a terrible blogger lately. actually a lot has happened. we went to edmonton for a few weeks were spence helped the post season office wrap things up.

this is basically what we did all day.. ate and shopped. my idea of fun!! anyway soph and i came home a few weeks before spence did because my bro was getting home from his mission to toronto!!! it was soooo exciting to see him! he served such a great mission and has been such an amazing example to all of us. sophie quickly became his hugest fan and is mumbling his name all day long. in fact we went to costco and she saw a tall blonde guy and started to yell, "chase chase yay! come here chase!" she soon realized it wasn't him and was quite upset. my mom took some really cute pics of them on her camera that i will update later.

we had our first snowfall! it was really cute to sophie get so excited about it! she has been saying "no snow", ever since.

we have spent a lot of time out in leavitt now that chase is home! we can't quite get enough of him.

sophie was so tuckered out after a long day at chases homecoming and dinner afterwards she konked out on my dads chest.

this is her favorite little place to hang out at my parents. its a cute little shelf that they keep her books on. when she goes missing we know to look there!

these 3 are cousins all a year apart and they have kinda overlapped on there missions so it has been awhile since they have seen eachother. it has been fun for them to hang out again!

we took a little roadtrip to utah this past weekend! i left sophie with my mom for 4 days. i was so nervous to leave her but she did great and we had such a fun time. spence had meetings and the year end party with apx and so i just hung out and shopped. it was great! we took tanner and amanda down with us and they picked up a pretty little nissan pathfinder there and drove it home.

AND at the year end party they gave away a lot of prizes. There were over 5000 people there and we have been the last 3 years and never win more than $80. We this year we finally won.. and kinda won big. Spence got randomly drawn to play price is right and he ended up winning 6 honda scooters, all valued at $2500 a piece and $4000 to split up between everyone that was in his office that was at the party. He had to give away 5 of the scooters to 5 of his friends so he gave one to me, tanner, amanda, ben (his regional manager) and ryan anderson ( the sales manager of the summer). it was pretty sweet! i think they are just gonna give us the cash which i think is better.. really what are we gonna do with 2 scooters? haha. the thought makes me chuckle. anyway we had a great time in utah but i was ready to be home to my little girl... however i am ready to leave again. jks.