Friday, September 17, 2010


We went for a little holiday in Montana last week to pass the time till Spencer gets home... 1 more week! YAYAYA! Anyway we had tons of fun and the kids loved it too. We went to a fruit stand and the girls loved it! They love fruit and veggies and they just wanted to eat it all. I love Montana. It's my personal idea of what heaven is like. I can't wait till Spencer gets home and we can go as a family.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A little announcement..

That absolutely does not involve me being pregnant! I am sure a lot of you know but I have decided after 2  years of going back and forth with it, to start my own photography business. I am super excited and feel like I am at a point that I am confident with my abilities to just go for it. I love photography and I have really immersed myself in learning it for the past 3 years with courses, workshops, lots of books, tutorials and a whole lot of practicing. It has gone from a fun hobby to a passion and I am so excited for the future. I will be doing outdoor pictures and newborn natural light for the next month or so then I will have a studio in my basement set up for studio shoots. Thanks everyone for your encouragement and nice comments. If you are interested I have started a page on facebook and will be doing a draw for a free session. Go on over and "like" me if your interested. 

Also I have started a photography website/blog if you wanna take a peak at my work. 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

10 years!!

I can't believe this day has come. I have been graduated for 10 years!!! I loved High School. I don't look back and think that I am so glad it's over. I had a great group of friends and have some of the best memories. I always wish I could escape from mommy life for a day and go back to High School the way it was. Life was so simple and carefree. The biggest of my concerns were what pair of jeans I would wear on the weekend. Anyway I am so glad that so many of my High School friends were there. It was like not a day had passed. I loved it all and am so appreciative for all those people that spent so many hours organizing it!!

This is Jessica's little girl, Grace. Jess and I were just a few years older than this when we became friends. She was my only friend for a lot of years because we were both so extremely shy. I think about it and laugh because she was my best friend but we never hardly even spoke to each other. We just kinda followed each other around until we decided to break out of our shells and the rest is history. She has been my friend forever and I am so glad that our little girls finally got to meet each other! There not quite as shy as we were. Fewf!

i cannot describe how much i love this chick!!!
some of the out of town girls
teale's little girl tessa is so cute and sophie loves her!
little finley!
i was so happy jess and lyns were there. i've missed you both!! love all these girls!! these girls were some of my closest friends. I haven't seen much of any of them except Maris ( and really we should see more of eachother given that we live so close.. we'll be better right Maris?)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sisters? ya... Twins? no.

So it seems like everywhere we go people say how much my girls look alike. I personally think they have totally different looks but similarities too. Anyway I started thinking that maybe I had just forgotten what Sophie looked like when she was 18 months. Well I looked back at pictures and it made me realize
a. That Ella is really lacking in the hair dept in comparison to Soph at that age.
b. That I am so relieved that I finally sort of learned how to use my camera over the last 2 years
c. That my girls are wicked cute!!!!
and d. that they do look similar, but different too.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beach Day!!

This beach was the best. The kids loved it.. you could walk out into the middle of the lake and still only be up to your waist in water. Go Winnipeg for having such wicked fun stuff to do!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

My heart...

melts when they love eachother.. Sometimes it feels like it is far to rare. This was an "unposed" moment, which makes it so much better. I love that Sophie has a little sister. I love that Ella has a big sister. I love that I have 2 girls. I love. I love. I love!! LOVE!!!

We went to the winnipeg fireworks! They were pretty awesome! It was really super warm. I have a love/ hate with having warm nights. I am so grateful for air conditioning. The last picture was when we went go carting. It is seriously my new favorite thing.. I love it! I didn't get the memo that we were being hardcore.. How embarrassing for me..

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Ok this place is the most random, fun place ever. Out in a field in the middle of Manitoba is the cutest fun little amusement park with rides just for little kids. It's all super vintage and adorable and our kids were in HEAVEN! There literally was not one ride Sophie couldn't ride.. in fact Ella could ride lots of them too. We loved it!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Trip to the zoo zoo zoo

Well wow! There sure are a lot of pictures on this post. I apologize!.. I tend to be a little excessive when posting pictures. Anyway I basically came out here to Winnipeg because I felt like it was my wifely duty and I really just needed to take one for the team. Don't get me wrong, I missed Spence something fierce but we just got a house that I am still trying to make my own and really... Winnipeg???? Let me say I am pleasantly surprised. I really quite like it out here. There is a lot of fun stuff to do, super fun wives and lots of little kids for mine to play with, nice nice (did i mention air conditioned) apartments, lulu lemon outlet!!!!, and the weather has been beautiful. Anyway here is pics of our trip to the zoo. We had a ton of fun and especially loved the fact that it's only 4 dollars gate admission.