Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Home Away From Home

I finally got our porch all cleaned off and Sophie has been loving it. I have been cleaning and packing like crazy and she has just been so content hanging out on the porch. She has all kinds of toys out there and her little fuzzy chair. Luckily it has been gorgeous outside!

Spence brought me home gerbera daisies a few nights ago.. just cause. He is so thoughtful and romantic. I am a lucky girl and get flowers lots.

Friday, April 4, 2008

A Little Fresh Air

There is a point every night just before dinner when Sophie starts to get a little restless. As soon as we step out the front door she is instantly the happiest girl on the block. We have a school in our backyard basically. It has a huge soccer field with a playground and it is so much fun for Sophie to just run free. It is hilarious to watch her. You can tell she never wants it to end. When I start walking back home she will try her darndest to distract me. She kept picking up pinecones and handing them to me saying, "Look, wow!" I have to admit it is pretty nice to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather that we have been getting. Sophie is 15 months today by the way! It sounds funny to still be counting by months for some reason?