Friday, September 26, 2008


We just got back from a 3D ultrasound, which by the way was so awesome. I would recommend it to everyone. Anyway we found out that Sophie is gonna have a little sister! The ultrasound tech found what she needed to see within 10 seconds and said that she was 100% sure!! I was really really hoping for this. I would have been thrilled either way but I love having a little sister 2 years younger than me and I cannot wait to dress them the same and do there hair the same. Haha they are gonna hate me! So that is the big news of the day and I still haven't come down off my high from it! The craziest thing is even at 23 weeks we could really see what this baby looks like. Even the ultrasound tech kept saying how she has Sophies lips,nose, chubby cheeks and nice long legs. She was sucking her thumb for a lot of the time and had her eyes open the whole time. Seriously the 3D is soo cool! Sophie loved the ultrasound and kept saying baby head when it showed the head and baby foot when it showed the feet, ect. The only thing that she didn't like was when they put the heartbeat on the loud speaker. Kinda freaked her out. I didn't think that she really got what was going on but tonight she walked up to my tummy and said, "sister". I still don't think the poor dear has any idea what she is in for!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

home at last.... sorta

so after a long summer we are finally done...kinda. spence is going to help out the edmonton office for post season for a bit but we are all moved into our place in raymond. It is strange living in Raymond but we have actually really been liking it! It is so nice to have a house that we have so much space and a place for everything. I have so much kitchen cupboard space i don't know what to do without it all. i have been cooking more than i did all summer! we went to our ward on sunday and everyone was so nice too. sophie is doing really good! she is 21 months pretty soon and at times already acting like she is 16! she can be slightly dramatic at times. she is constantly amazing us with the things that are coming out of her little mouth. she has been breaking out a few short sentances lately. dora the explorer just came on and she said, "animal is in trouble". we think she is pretty smart! she knows how to count to 5 but only likes to do it when no one is watching for some reason. the other day she was counting her toys in her room and i heard her say 1,2,3,4 and as soon as i walked in she wouldn't do it anymore for some reason. we are really enjoying her being able to communicate and i am starting to not stress as much about having this baby... dont get me wrong i am still plenty stressed but i know it will be okay. we went in for the ultrasound and baby is healthy... but would not cooperate, hence we don't know the gender. we are gonna get a 3d ultrasound soon though. i am a planner! anyway we have been having a great time since we have been home. i canned peaches and salsa with my mom and man are they delish! the salsa is mmmmm mmmmm. one other really exciting thing-- my brother, chase gets home from his mission in toronto in less than 2 weeks!! we are all so excited we can't hardly stand it.. especially my mom.

we bought a few garbage baskets from dollorama and when we got home sophie decided that it was a better toy then garbage. it's now in sophies room with her toys.

we went to the leavitt county fair and my mom, spence, my dad and i were in the lawn mower races. as you can see here i am only second to last place.. a few seconds later i got passed and we finished last.... by a long ways!!

our first meal in our new place.. pork roast, potatoes, carrots and salad

my beautiful sister who is tied for the greatest sister in the whole world!!!

sophie and her favorite person (seriously)! She loves tigger!!!

ceaser salad. my mom made some homemade dressing and sophie ate a whole entire bowl. she had the worst garlic breath the next day
soph and "gamma" at kara and kimbers house! oh ya kara moved to leth!! YAYAYAY!

i just had to post this! spence didn't get his eyebrows tweezed all the summer. don't worry it is all taken care of now!
little orphan child!

Kalispell, Montana

Spence has been working for apx for 3 summers now and anyone who does this job knows how crucial a little getaway is after the summer is over. It was a busy busy summer! Anyway for the last 3 years we have made a little trip to kalispell after spence was done working. We stayed with my parents in Whitefish and had a great time! I spent way too much money shopping but other than that it was time well spent!

this is me and soph on the top of logans pass.. they were having a ton of construction so we were stopped at the top for about 15 min. we took advantage of that time and took a few pics. didn't turn out so well. i was holding onto sophie soooo tight.. it was a long long drop behind me!

this railway track was RIGHT outside my parents trailer. it was a long few nights! sophie slept right through it all.... i, on the other hand woke up in a panic every single time the train went by. everytime i was sure that it was going to de-rail. anyone who knows me knows i WOULD think that!

i HATE this pic of me but sophie has been doing this pouty lip thing lately that i think is so cute. unfortunately it is getting her anything she wants!

spence took this pic and thought it was cool and really wanted me to post it!

she was sad for some reason... can't remember why!

sophie and "gamma"
teaching her nice and young..

A week in Red Deer

When they told us that the last week of the summer we would be going to Red Deer for the guys to sell I have to admit I was less than impressed. A week in a hotel with no car in Red Deer did not sound like my idea of fun!! But I was pleasantly suprised. We had a blast! All of APX was on one floor so we just kept our doors open all day and the kids had soo much fun running up and down the halls. We went swimming every day after the continental breakfasts and we were right across the street from a mall so we would push the kids strollers over there and hang out when we got bored. It was a great way to end the summer.

Watson Leavitt, Ava Anderson and Sophie.. all only a few months apart
We ate really bad that week as you can see. I am on such a healthy kick right now due to that week of scandelous food.

Pretty Pretty Ava
We got this ghetto playpen from the front desk. The girls all loved cramming in there. They were eating honey comb. I had to empty the whole thing out before putting Soph to bed. It was full of honeycomb.

I love this little guy. We are wicked buds.

On our way to our home for the week!
Sophie and Zoe watching cartoons. Sophie is obsessed with Zoe. They have very similar personalities and get along sooo great! We wish Zoe lived closer!