Thursday, December 10, 2009


A few pics from October....


First of all.... thank you sooo much for all of your nice comments, phone calls, emails, ect ect. I am so grateful for the support of family and friends at this time. The funeral and everything was lovely and we are all doing ok.
Anyway here is an update on September...
Sophie started ballet with her bestest friend, Gracie. They are so adorable and hold hands and will not leave eachothers side the whole time.

I took some pics of the girls... I love this truck!

more pics of the girls out at G packs!

Leavitt Country Fair!! I LOVE!! It makes me really feel like a small town girl. I can't wait to move my family back here someday... hopefully soon

more pics of the girls.... am I obsessed?

So as it seems... September I wasn't up to much other than taking pics. Ha!!