Thursday, May 29, 2008

I guess all good things must come to an end

So we are going back to Canada. The night before last Spencer got a call from his regional manager saying that they had 2 experienced guys quit in Edmonton and they were desperate for him to come help them out. They gave us an offer that we absoloutly could not refuse. I am so excited to be close to my family, but also so devestated that I have to leave one of my favorite places ever. I am especially sad to leave the other wives that I have had so much fun with. They are making it extra hard for me to leave. Anyway I probably won't be blogging for a good few days until we get settled there. Here are a few pictures
we took at the park a few days ago.

This picture is so typical Sophie and Briggs. He had just put sand in her hair, heaven for bid. They have such a love/hate relationship. I can't wait to put this on there wedding slide show!!!!! haha.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Operation: Make child look as nerdy as possible!

Operation succesfully completed! So I love tight little p.js. They are so extremely nerdy but I secretly.. (well not so secretly anymore) love dressing Sophie up nerdy sometimes. I know it's weird... What's even weirder is the fact that it is 1:00 am and I am still not in bed. I have been trying to do at least 2 posts a week. I know how extremely stressed my fam starts to get if they can't see pictures of Sophie at least twice a week. Anyway here are some pictures from the last few days....
Sophie loves the pool! She would stay in it all day long if it were her choice.
So we both got sunburns. We went to the Indy 500 parade (saw LOTSA celebs).. pictures later.. anyway it didn't look that sunny but during the parade out came the sun and out of 3 moms none of us had sunblock.. Poor little kids. I think Sophie got the least sunburnt.

This morning before church Sophie went out on the porch. Little did we know that she had a whole tub of diaper rash cream. I knew it would happen someday! At least it wasn't all in her hair.
The snack that smiles back! Sophie loves "Smiles". She even ate a whole frozen one. Is that normal?
Along with getting into the diaper rash cream.. she got into my eyeshadow. She is totally at that mischevious age right now.

This is what happens when you try to entertain yourself on a rainy day. Sophie went through about 6 hairstyles that day. I knew that Kara would appreciate this one.
To cold for the pool, but boy did she ever try. Spence and Sophie doing some business.
Sophie has had this thing with sitting in her stroller while she watches t.v.
She was doing this funniest thing with her arms... she was twirling them around in circles and yelling yay yay yay. She was so excited to be going on another walk.. that was 3 that day.
APX had a bbq last sunday. It was super fun. Sophie followed the boys around all night. She couldn't run as fast as them as so she started to run kinda clumsy. Well that clumsiness ran her right into a swamp. It was sick. I made Spence hold her all the way to the tub.
Sophie is growing and changing so much. It seems like everyday she is learning more and more words. It is good for her to be around other little kids her age. She has started this thing when I give her something she says, "thank you, welcome". Actually it is more like "tank oo wakum". It is so good to see that she is learning manners. She even said her own name the other day. It was more like Sosie but still.
Sophie was feeling pretty sick the other day. She was getting more teeth and was pretty sad about the whole sitch.. anyway the majority of the day was spent laying in her chair with a blanky and her lamb. I didn't hear a whole lot outta her all day. She just kinda hung out on the chair... until a tidycats commercial came on. She got this half smile when she saw the kitty and said, "kitty, meow". I thought it was cute that even when she feels sick she still has her little sense of humor.
We have been doing some real fun stuff here. I am having such a blast with all the wives. Saturday after the parade and Olive Garden (delish)- Lindsey and I packed all the sunburnt overtired kids in her SUV and headed out to some factory outlets. They were about an hour away but completely worth the drive. They had a ton of memorial day weekend sales. I was so giddy and shaky from excitement when I walked into the Carters outlet and was informed that everything that was already discounted in the store was 60% more on sale. And the Childrens Place... Oh my. I got so many things all for under $5.00. Actually most of it was $1.99. Just what I needed- a little retail therapy always does the body good. I seriously need to go to bed!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Don't Go!!!

So this is what I deal with everyday when Spence goes to his meeting... She knows that he is getting ready to leave when he sits down on the couch and starts to put his shoes and socks on, and she will not let him out of her sight after that. I try my darndest to distract her with books, toys.. even candy but she knows better. Every single day we start with this.....

then we get these sad looks for a good 20 minutes.. could break my heart

The good news is after the 20 minutes are over she is happy as can be again... then spence drops in after his meeting for lunch and has to leave again.. then the whole process repeats. It's tough being a daddy's girl!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Walkity Walk Time

Anyone who know Sophie knows of her obsession of being outside. I can't tell you how many times in a day she will grab her shoes and wait by the door saying, "go go go go". We have been getting plenty of walks in since it has warmed up here. The second we walk out the door it is high pitched squeals for the duration of the walk. It is so nice to be outside! We are hitting the pool on monday and don't plan on coming back till the end of august... except for meal and sleep time that is. Anyway here are a few pics of our walk yesterday. Most of them are "action" shots. It is hard to keep Sophie still when she is outside. You'd think we never let her out.

we stopped in the fitness center for a minute and sophie found the biggest ball she has ever had a chance to play with. i don't know if she thought it was a gumball? i know its yucky that she has her mouth on it but she did it just as i was about to take the pic. I thought I would post some other pics I have taken in the last few days. I am snapping pictures all day long since I got my new camera. sophie REALLY loves her broccolli, which i am so grateful for. she loves green vegetables like peas, beans, and brocolli.. hence some nasty diapers!!
my little sweetie.. she is such a happy little girl. i love her!
I love Sophie in blue. I got this jacket at Target for 5 bucks! It has little cupcakes on it.
How can you tell her daddy dressed her?? I guess he thinks because it's pink and pink it matches.... bless his heart. Krista has been such an angel. She comes over and plays with Sophie for hours. Sophie adores her... and I do too!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!!!

It's finally warm again! We had a rainy weekend, which I love but it was a chilly rain so we were stuck inside. I am so scared to go outside in the rain also because the frogs come out... eeek. Anyone who knows me knows of my"irrational fear" (as my dad would say, of snakes and frogs.. really anything lizardy and slimy. Anyway I have had quite a time entertaining Miss Sophie. I am quite relieved that it is nice today. When she wakes up I think we are gonna go for a walk.

Things are going fantastic in Indianapolis. We love it here! Spence is keeping nice and busy and I am having fun with all of the wives and kids. Days fly by when you have a kid.¸ I am absoloutly loving my new camera. It is so fun to experiment with. I am not the greatest photographer but I am learning.
Anyway for all of my family that is reading this we miss you terribly! We sure love you all! Thanks for letting me be so lazy before I left. I was so spoiled! I am remembering that doing this "mom" thing on my own is hard work! :) Anyway Kara and Kimber- this part is for you--- BOOK YOUR TICKETS! Sophie needs you to cuddle her everynight in her bed and I need you to go shopping with.

And this part is for my mom! Mom, thanks for being such a good mom! I know I called yesterday for mothers day but I just want you to know that I missed you especially lots yesterday! Thanks for all you do and all that you have taught me in my life. I look up to you and respect you so much. You have been such an awesome example to me in my life. You have taught me how to be a mom and a wife and taught me that family is the most important thing. You always say how lucky you are that your kids love eachother and its because you and dad didnt give us a choice when we were little. You taught us that friends come and go but family is ALWAYS there so we better get used to it. Thank you for that. Thank you for teaching us discipline, even though we hated it at times I am so grateful for it now. You are such an important person in my life and I am soooo grateful that you are my mom.

Anyway this is a VERY long post. I feel so behind on the blogging. I need to start posting every other day so that I dont have to do such hideously long posts. Anyway hope everyone had a Happy Mothers Day. I know I did! I love being a mom! I will admit there are times that I really miss the days of just Spence and I, sleeping in, spontaneous road trips, peace and quiet- but I would not trade being a mom for anything. Sophie is the sweetest little girl and I feel so privelaged to be her mom.