Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I was finally feeling like spring was really here until today... it has been smowing and cold today and we had a nasty day of wind yesterday ( i was seriously panicking as I was trying to push a cart with both my girls in it into walmart and it was blowing away) but all in all it was pretty nice week. We had a nice easter sunday. We woke up and Sophie looked for eggs all over the house and then went to church. I'm sure the speakers were wonderful but I wouldn't know because the majority of the meeting was spent in the mothers lounge. Anyway here are a few pictures of Easter.

i love Sophie's easter dress. I got it at Costco in the states for $15

One more thing.. Ella's getting big! Why does time have to fly by so fast?

We had the Wolsey's over for a BBQ and to watch the final NCAA basketball game. We have all been huge fans of UNC for a long time and they finally won!!!! YAY!!! It was a little hard to concentrate on the game with these little girlies dancing all over the place. As you can see Ben is DJ'ing in the background!

I just love how much these 2 love eachother!

Last week Manda and I took the kids to the park. Sophie skinned her knees 6 times. She is a slightly clutsy girl- that mixed with a new pair of shoes resulted in some seriously owey knees.

We enjoyed a delicious bbq of kabobs at Tanner and Amandas. My mouth is still watering thinking about it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Work It

Sophie is in love with the camera lately. I think we may be watching a little too much America's Next Top Model. I watched a whole marathon a few Saturday's ago and got absoloutly nothing done. I actually didn't even feel guilty. Anyway I have to take pictures of her doing everything. I love it of course considering it was like pulling teeth to get her to pose before. I am really hoping it stays this way .. I am doubtful though. This was right before bed after I took out her braids-- I think she was trying to distract me from putting her down actually. It definately worked- I got a kick out of her explaining every emotion she was trying to capture with every pose.

This one is "Mommy I am a kissing fish bop bop!" (She thinks that's the sound a fish makes??)

"I'm a froggy arribit aribbit"
"Mommy sooooo cute!"
I don't remember this one???
"Im so happy". (I personally think it's "Im clinically insane" but whatev
"Im saying my prayers now good job Sophie"
And this one..... Oh my I have to explain this face. Spencer likes to call it "Stink Eye", I prefer to call it "Quasimoto". I think every other picture is this face. She did it once and we laughed so hard at her and now it has become her favorite thing to do when we pull out the camera. 
Anyway if you have troubles getting your kids to pose.. just watch a season of america's top model with them.... I am a terrible mom! :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Now that Ella is smiling, giggling and responding to others more I am really starting to see a little bond forming between the two of these little girlies. I know it kinda sounds funny that a little 9 week old baby and a 2 year old girl can share a bond, but the way that Ella looks at Sophie with her big gummy smile could melt my heart. If Ella makes a peep Sophie jumps up and runs to her rescue with a soother in hand. She always tries to make her smile and is so proud of herself when she does. It really doesn't take much to get Ella to smile but we won't tell Sophie that. Anyway yesterday morning Sophie wanted to "watch toons with Ella". They layed there for a good 20 minutes cuddling. I looked over and they were holding hands and Sophie said, "Mommy look she is holding my hand so adorable!" Adorable is Sophie's latest favoritest word. She says it about everything. We had red wraps (sundried tomato) and she said "Oh those are adorable mommy!"

ALSO... I love "The biggest loser" and love Bob even more! I just think he is so great and I love how supportive he is to the contestants. Does anyone watch?? I really want Ron to win personally. Anyway I bought this DVD a few weeks ago and love it. It is a 6-8 week bootcamp that starts off with 30 minute workouts and moves up to 1 hour after 2 weeks. It's a really good workout and I love it. I have been going to weight watchers meetings for the last 6 weeks to lose the baby weight and have lost 13 pounds- yay! i figure 2ish pounds a week is a healthy amount. Weight watchers is the easiest thing for me to stick to. I know that I am paying to go to the meetings and I will be really ticked if I get on that scale and haven't lost anything that week. I have lost all the baby Ella weight but I didn't lose all of the baby sophie weight before I got pregnant with Ella. Pathetic, I know. Now hopefully if I add exercising I can tone up and lose some more.

And one more really weird thing. I have always been kind of a wuss when it came to spicy. I liked a good hot wing now and then but I hardly ever used hot sauce on anything. Since having Ella I have been putting hot sauce on absolutely everything. It is so weird. I drench my wraps, salads, sandwiches, eggs.. everything in it. I even found myself dipping my carrots in it today. Is that normal?..... My hormones must be really outta wack.. luckily Ella doesn't get an upset tummy from it.