Saturday, October 20, 2007


sophie in her new sweater
little side profile
dimples... could make us melt
outside of wal-mart. sophie conked out while we were grocery shopping.
dirty couch... i somehow managed to spill honey on it.. i gave it a good scub down and it's all better.

wow 2 posts in 2 days!! i'm amazing!! jks...
anyway since having sophie some days i think to myself that she has changed so much overnight. well that's how it has felt with her in the last week or so. she is SOOOO much more cuddly then she has ever been. since she was 7 weeks she has put herself to sleep and she would have to be really tired for her to let us rock her, so the times that she would let me i would be in absoloute heaven. there is something so therapeutic and wonderful about holding a baby in your arms while they sleep. anyway for the last week sophie has nestled her little head into my chest and fallen asleep at least once a day. she looks at me with her big blue eyes, yawns and closes her eyes and goes to sleep. i am tellin ya, i couldn't be more thrilled. she is such a little angel. she is also so much more vocal lately. she does this little shooshoo noise all the time and she always says uh oh when she does something bad. she has started this little game that she points her pointer finger out and you have to touch her finger with your pointer finger. it makes her laugh everytime. she points at everything. she pulls herself up on everything and stands on her own. she hasn't quite started taking steps yet but she is dang close. i am excited for her to walk but somewhat dreading it also. anyway it's so fun how quickly babies change in there first few years of life and i am loving all of the new and exciting things that sophie is discovering............... most of the time.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Trip to Utah

So we took a little roadtrip to Utah. There was an APX Alarm party that was going on and it just so happened that Kimber was flying out of Salt Lake to go to Ecuador to volunteer in an orphanage for 3 months. So my mom and dad were there and could take care of Sophie while we partied. It was a fun weekend. Sophie did soooo good on the drive. She hardly cried a single bit. Thank goodness for the portable d.v.d player, baby einstein (sophies absoloute fave), and snacks. I think we went through 3 containers of puffs but it was okay. We had so much fun! We stopped in Rexburg for the first night and saw some of our good friends, Gifford and Amanda Nielson and there darling little Jaden. We were also super excited to hit up wingers. Mmmmmm Sticky Fingers. Being in Rexburg brought back a flood of memories. We were there for 2 and a half years and we absoloutly loved it. We miss it alot but we are thrilled to be in Lethbridge. Anyway on Sunday my dad and Spence headed back to Canada and my mom and I spent the day shopping and slept overnight in Montana and shopped in Helena all day tuesday. Poor Sophie was so tired. She didn't really get a nap in all day tuesday. In fact I was holding her in Ross and I walked past a mirror and she was sound asleep on my shoulder. I loved it! She doesn't do that alot but since then she has done that every day at least once. So maybe she likes cuddling more now??? Anwyay we had a great time and saw some good friends. Today I finally got a membership to the YMCA. I am so excited to finally get into a workout regime. I used to work out at least once a day in Rexburg but since having Sophie all I have been doing is workout videos and I feel like I need to do a little more. Anyway I have got to feed Sophie dinner! Later!!

some random pics

Sophie and her friend, Grace Wolsey in there matching polkadotted shirts.

Sophie and her missionary do

Sophie and I

Sophie and her new little scowl

Little dimpled hands

Thursday, October 4, 2007

I hate being sick!!

Happy little Sophie nice and hyper right before bed
she's so funny!
she has been doing this little scowl lately. she thinks it is so funny. YIKES!

So I seemed to have come down with the flu. I was really sick last night and had a HORRIBLE night of cold chills, nausea, ect ect.. and NO i am not pregnant again. Anyway my sweet husband came home from school today with flowers (my absoloutle fave- daisies), gingerale and slippers. He knows how much i love granny slippers. They are so comfy. I am feeling alot better tonight so it must have helped.Anyway he makes me smile!

Also Sophie is 9 months today! YAY! She has really started to change lately. She is so funny! She is constantly making us laugh. She makes these funny little faces and just waits for a reaction. She has continued to sleep wonderfully so I am a much happier mom.

We go to get shots tommorow and I am absoloutly dreading it! I hate taking a happy baby in there and just sitting there while they inflict pain on her. She looks at me like why are you letting her do this to me-- I feel like the worst mother ever. I know I know--- I am a better mother by doing it but it doesn't make it any easier!