Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sisters? ya... Twins? no.

So it seems like everywhere we go people say how much my girls look alike. I personally think they have totally different looks but similarities too. Anyway I started thinking that maybe I had just forgotten what Sophie looked like when she was 18 months. Well I looked back at pictures and it made me realize
a. That Ella is really lacking in the hair dept in comparison to Soph at that age.
b. That I am so relieved that I finally sort of learned how to use my camera over the last 2 years
c. That my girls are wicked cute!!!!
and d. that they do look similar, but different too.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beach Day!!

This beach was the best. The kids loved it.. you could walk out into the middle of the lake and still only be up to your waist in water. Go Winnipeg for having such wicked fun stuff to do!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

My heart...

melts when they love eachother.. Sometimes it feels like it is far to rare. This was an "unposed" moment, which makes it so much better. I love that Sophie has a little sister. I love that Ella has a big sister. I love that I have 2 girls. I love. I love. I love!! LOVE!!!

We went to the winnipeg fireworks! They were pretty awesome! It was really super warm. I have a love/ hate with having warm nights. I am so grateful for air conditioning. The last picture was when we went go carting. It is seriously my new favorite thing.. I love it! I didn't get the memo that we were being hardcore.. How embarrassing for me..