Saturday, February 28, 2009

Newborn Pics

We went and got newborn pics of Ella when she was 1 week old. I am so glad that we did it. I was still pretty sore and my tummy was still real pregnant looking but it was worth it.Jill Alston did them for us. Jill and I lived together in Edmonton-- we had way lots of fun and I just love her. She was so super patient with us and had all kinds of cute things to put her in and cool ways for me to hold her. I am so excited about them and think that she looks so darn cute. We were gonna try and take some of Sophie too but Soph was having too much fun playing dressups with Jills little girl, Dani. Soooo we will have to try that some other time.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

House of Sickies

We all have nasty colds.. Even poor little Ella. Sophie has it the worst. She cries when she coughs cause it hurts so bad. She has been such a trooper though.. she is concerned more about little Ella then she is herself. Anytime Ella coughs she gets so sad. We went to the dr today and he said it's going around and that it definately isn't RSV so thats good. actually Ella isn't really that bad-- just a little dry cough. Anyway other than that things have been great! We are loving our little Ella girl to death and Sophie is such a great help. She has grown up so much since Ella was born and I feel so lucky that she has embraced the "big sister" role so well and really hasn't been difficult at all. She still reminds me on a daily basis that "No holding Sophie cause you have a sore tummy.. just hold hands k." My tummy is virtually pain-free but Sophie is still quite concerned about it. 
Today Ella is 4 weeks and is still so easy. She is incredibly content and has started to smile back at us. I love this newborn stage and wish they would stay this little for longer. 
One other thing! We are officially going to calgary with APX this summer. I have known for quite sometime now but it's now official! Spence is the lead tech for the Calgary office and I am soooo excited! It is fun going to far away places but I am ready to be close to home now. We are so excited that Ben and Kristi are coming with us so the girls have little friends to play with and I have Kristi to shop with. haha. Also my sisters and brother are working for APX too so i will get to have them around YAY!
Anyway I am sooo going to bed but I thought I would post an update.. its been awhile! Here are a few pics from the last few weeks.
Daddy and his sickies. Sophie wanted to be held but wanted Spence to hold Ella too.
Sophie has been OBSESSED with makey- up! She wants lipsty sticky on all the time.

Chase came to visit from Utah just to see Ella. I loved seeing him and I am so excited that he will be in Calgary this summer with us.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


"Mommy, Sophie wanta holdja my baby Ella." We are hearing this a lot-- which explains the many pictures of sophie and ella in the corner of the couch. As soon as she gets the baby on her lap she says, "Ok mommy take a cute picker (picture)." She loves her little sister so much. She keeps walking up to her and saying," Hi Ella! Im Sophie" just in case she forgot. She also keeps reminding me that I have such a sore tummy and to be careful. I love her! She is making this a lot easier then I imagined.

And as for this little angel... how could I be so lucky? I am loving each and every moment with her- she is such a dream baby. She is so good and content. She has been giving us 5 hours of straight sleep in the night. Yay!

I love my girls! Anyway life is great and we are loving our sweet little Ella and Sophie has been great! It's crazy how instantly you fall in love! Also my friend Jill Alston took some pics of Ella and posted a few on her I will post more when I get them. I love them!