Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Having a sick little girl..

Makes you really appreciate a happy little healthy one.

Soph has had one thing after another this month. She went from a nasty cold, to an ear infection, to an eardrum rupturing and fluid leaking from her ears for 4 days, to 2 days of puking.
She was happy, healthy and her normal little self today and it made me realize how much I have missed her!
I need to get her little immune system strong again.. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Welcome to the family

I love you I love you I love you minivan!!!!!

As if I drive a minivan. I felt like everyone was staring and laughing at me as I drove down the street... 
But nonetheless, I am in love!!

Scarred for life

This is a face we see quite often from Little Miss Ell.. usually it's because she wants to be held. Yes, she is still a baby to me and quite attached to her mama.
Yesterday I saw this face times 1000 for what seemed like an eternity. We were at the car dealership test driving a van.. yes, a van and no, i am not pregnant. Anyway it was getting a little chilly out so I told Spence I was gonna go sit in the jeep with the girls while he talks to the salesman. In goes Ella first. As Im buckling her in her seat the little sneak pulled my keys out of my hand without me even noticing. I get her all in, shut the door, and hear a lock and the car beeps.. Oh crap! She has locked herself in the car. I say to her, "Ella push the button" She keeps pushing the lock buttton then drops the keys on the floor. Shes buckled in her seat so she can't grab them and is trying to grab the door handle and can't so she starts trying to with her foot.. Poor dear starts panicking, Sophie is panicking.. Oh my Mama is panicking.
I call for Spence and luckily the guy that is selling cars is able to write down our VIN number and cut us a new key.. Good thing we were at a dodge dealership. Anyway we got poor little traumatized Ella out after about 25 minutes and the car salesman got a sale.. Yes, we bought a van. Haha! Never thought we'd actually do it but I am soooo excited!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oh I love a good day...

You know the ones when your kids get along, share, eat what you make them, sleep good, don't sass.. I don't get a lot of those but I did yesterday!

Today on the other hand....