Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Life can be hard sometimes

Everyone has there trials. Everyone has there blessings. I found myself thinking a week and a half ago that things were just "perfect" right now. I was happy. Spencer was coming home. Life was good.

A week ago I had to say goodbye to another grandparent. As I went to the funeral home to give my Grandpa Leavitt his very last haircut I couldn't help but remember the time I went to curl my grandma packs hair at the same place 5 months ago. In 18 months I have lost 3 grandparents. 1 was from a hideous disease that took him quickly, 1 was a tragic completely unexpected event, 1 was old age. All very different, all very sad. Death is a part of life. I understand that if you live you have to die.. but it doesn't make it easy. I am grateful that my grandpa Leavitt is in a better place. That his body is free of pain and confusion. I am so happy that he can be reunited with all of his many siblings, parents, friends, ect. But as I watched my poor little  sweet grandma say goodbye to her husband of 73 years my heart broke. It doesn't matter how old a person is, they are still a person that is loved. He lived a wonderful life and he is a perfect example of how we should all live our lives. I know no one is perfect.. but he is about as close to it as you can get. I have NEVER heard him utter an unkind word about anyone. He dedicated his life to the lord and I know he is exactly where he deserves to be. There is no question in my mind.

So yes, we all have our trials.  As we have had a few disappointments over the last few days and have really had to step back and re evaluate some huge life decisions, Spencer and I have really had to rely on the lord and we know that life will take us down the path we are supposed to be on if we live righteously.

As we knelt in prayer as a family I felt very strongly that Heavenly Father had a bigger plan for us and someday we would understand why things happen the way they do.