Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why not be happy?

Not exactly the career path I would have expected Spencer to travel down. Spencer has always been a smart guy and so in my mind he would get himself some sort of brainsy degree but he would do a year of school for something and it just wouldn't excite him so he would do another summer of vivint and take another year off of school really getting nowhere. Then 2 years ago he started thinking about electrician. Everyone said, "Oh Spencer you are too smart to be an electrician." Dumb right? Finally after 7 years of working a job that was great in the sense that we got ahead and paid down debt, but bad in the sense that we didn't have a great family life. Being away from home all the time and really not feeling fulfilled in his job it was time to move on. It was clear in his mind that he wanted to be an electrician so we both finally decided WHY NOT do what you want to do? He applied for a job with Dorren electric and got the job the next day. He soon realized that being an electrician is not a job for dummies. Electricity is not a simple concept and is absolutely loving the challenges and is looking forward to his future as an electrician. 
So why not be happy? Why not do what you want to do? Why be miserable in your job? I know so many people that complain and complain about their husbands job.... I used to be one of them. Until we finally decided if it's not working then change it. Yes, this was a pay decrease. Yes, it was a risk. But Spencer loves his job and I love that I will have a summer with a husband!