Thursday, October 4, 2007

I hate being sick!!

Happy little Sophie nice and hyper right before bed
she's so funny!
she has been doing this little scowl lately. she thinks it is so funny. YIKES!

So I seemed to have come down with the flu. I was really sick last night and had a HORRIBLE night of cold chills, nausea, ect ect.. and NO i am not pregnant again. Anyway my sweet husband came home from school today with flowers (my absoloutle fave- daisies), gingerale and slippers. He knows how much i love granny slippers. They are so comfy. I am feeling alot better tonight so it must have helped.Anyway he makes me smile!

Also Sophie is 9 months today! YAY! She has really started to change lately. She is so funny! She is constantly making us laugh. She makes these funny little faces and just waits for a reaction. She has continued to sleep wonderfully so I am a much happier mom.

We go to get shots tommorow and I am absoloutly dreading it! I hate taking a happy baby in there and just sitting there while they inflict pain on her. She looks at me like why are you letting her do this to me-- I feel like the worst mother ever. I know I know--- I am a better mother by doing it but it doesn't make it any easier!


erin said...

Its no fun to be sick. BUt what a romantic to bring slippers. Very cute. I just love that little grouchy face sophie is pulling. I bet you guys just laugh all the time with her. How long do you think you guys will wait before you do this whole baby thing again. You know it'll come out cute. that is not a question. But im just curious.

The Fellers said...

oh man, I am sorry you are sick...that is the worst! I cant believe how big she is getting, it is so crazy huh? I know how you feel about shots too, I totally just wnat to leave the room everytime, I bawled the first time, I think it is harder on us then on them...seriouslY!