Tuesday, October 21, 2008

this is for you kristi!

so this post is for kristi so that she will quit bugging me about being a terrible blogger lately. actually a lot has happened. we went to edmonton for a few weeks were spence helped the post season office wrap things up.

this is basically what we did all day.. ate and shopped. my idea of fun!! anyway soph and i came home a few weeks before spence did because my bro was getting home from his mission to toronto!!! it was soooo exciting to see him! he served such a great mission and has been such an amazing example to all of us. sophie quickly became his hugest fan and is mumbling his name all day long. in fact we went to costco and she saw a tall blonde guy and started to yell, "chase chase yay! come here chase!" she soon realized it wasn't him and was quite upset. my mom took some really cute pics of them on her camera that i will update later.

we had our first snowfall! it was really cute to sophie get so excited about it! she has been saying "no snow", ever since.

we have spent a lot of time out in leavitt now that chase is home! we can't quite get enough of him.

sophie was so tuckered out after a long day at chases homecoming and dinner afterwards she konked out on my dads chest.

this is her favorite little place to hang out at my parents. its a cute little shelf that they keep her books on. when she goes missing we know to look there!

these 3 are cousins all a year apart and they have kinda overlapped on there missions so it has been awhile since they have seen eachother. it has been fun for them to hang out again!

we took a little roadtrip to utah this past weekend! i left sophie with my mom for 4 days. i was so nervous to leave her but she did great and we had such a fun time. spence had meetings and the year end party with apx and so i just hung out and shopped. it was great! we took tanner and amanda down with us and they picked up a pretty little nissan pathfinder there and drove it home.

AND at the year end party they gave away a lot of prizes. There were over 5000 people there and we have been the last 3 years and never win more than $80. We this year we finally won.. and kinda won big. Spence got randomly drawn to play price is right and he ended up winning 6 honda scooters, all valued at $2500 a piece and $4000 to split up between everyone that was in his office that was at the party. He had to give away 5 of the scooters to 5 of his friends so he gave one to me, tanner, amanda, ben (his regional manager) and ryan anderson ( the sales manager of the summer). it was pretty sweet! i think they are just gonna give us the cash which i think is better.. really what are we gonna do with 2 scooters? haha. the thought makes me chuckle. anyway we had a great time in utah but i was ready to be home to my little girl... however i am ready to leave again. jks.


benandkristi said...

thank you! loved it! and oh my goodness! your brother looks so grown up now!!!

cwalburg said...

you really have been busy! I too have been wondering how things are going. I saw you at the homecoming. . .looking great! How much longer until the new bundle of joy arrives?

Ashley B said...

yea for new info! I love your blog Kelsey, you have the cutest fam.
Oh- are you coming to Jill's halloween party this wknd? I hope so! We were looking at pics today of our e-town days! so fun.

Andy said...

loved the update and especially all of the pictures. Sophie seems so much older than Paige... maybe it's because she talks... and has hair!

p.s. i cannot believe that chase is that old... or that tall!!

Ryan said...

Yes come Kelsey, we need to get together!

Ryan said...

Oh and this is Jill . 7 at my moms house.

CMortenson said...

i'm so glad you've come back to the world of bloggin!! it's so fun to see new pictures. and i LOVE that pic of chase, sam and cole. in fact, it made me cry. i miss seeing everyone and wish we could come home for sam's wedding and cambric's wedding and grams and gramps anniversary party. one day we won't live so far away AND it will be a lot cheaper to travel from AZ to Calgary.

the fellers said...

wow...I actually heard you guys won big! CONGRATS! (Tavis and Kristy Tidmarsh came to see me while they were here). Sophie is so cute, and she talks so good, she needs to go on a date with Scoty and tell him to use sentences, not just words...haha...I want to see a belly shot! YAY for babies!

Cassie Bumcrot said...

Robert and I want to see pics of these scooters. We are also inclined to visit Spencer's Opal Capital of America. When can we come?

PeavoyMom said...

Wow, this post was so info packed! Chase is so tall, and so RM-ish. I can't belive you won those scooters! You guys will have way to much fun. Andy I want to see a belly shot too. Get on it.

Marilee said...

I take it the paparatzzi pictures were a "no go"!! Yea for me!