Saturday, May 17, 2008

Walkity Walk Time

Anyone who know Sophie knows of her obsession of being outside. I can't tell you how many times in a day she will grab her shoes and wait by the door saying, "go go go go". We have been getting plenty of walks in since it has warmed up here. The second we walk out the door it is high pitched squeals for the duration of the walk. It is so nice to be outside! We are hitting the pool on monday and don't plan on coming back till the end of august... except for meal and sleep time that is. Anyway here are a few pics of our walk yesterday. Most of them are "action" shots. It is hard to keep Sophie still when she is outside. You'd think we never let her out.

we stopped in the fitness center for a minute and sophie found the biggest ball she has ever had a chance to play with. i don't know if she thought it was a gumball? i know its yucky that she has her mouth on it but she did it just as i was about to take the pic. I thought I would post some other pics I have taken in the last few days. I am snapping pictures all day long since I got my new camera. sophie REALLY loves her broccolli, which i am so grateful for. she loves green vegetables like peas, beans, and brocolli.. hence some nasty diapers!!
my little sweetie.. she is such a happy little girl. i love her!
I love Sophie in blue. I got this jacket at Target for 5 bucks! It has little cupcakes on it.
How can you tell her daddy dressed her?? I guess he thinks because it's pink and pink it matches.... bless his heart. Krista has been such an angel. She comes over and plays with Sophie for hours. Sophie adores her... and I do too!!


cwalburger said...

I am glad to see you are enjoying your camera. I know what you mean about living outdoors and never stopping. Samantha would stay outside all day at the park or pool if I let her. That is so cute that she even goes to the door, shoes in hand.

Bevans said...

i love all the pics. madi is an outdoors girl too. i love taking her outside the only problem is getting her to come back in. sometimes there is a lot of bribing. glad your loving it there. are you going back to lethbridge or are you moving to cardston in the fall?

PeavoyMom said...

Hey, when you have a spare minute why don't you fly down to Vegas and teach my kids that green veggies are yummy?

Anonymous said...

Oh Kelly Kelly, it's Kara Beara...The truth is that when I'm talking to Sohpaloph on the phone I'm really telling her to eat her veggies. She loves me so much..It's crazy really.