Sunday, June 15, 2008

Top 10 reasons I LOVE this guy:

10. He always makes me laugh.. even in the most dramatic or stressful of moments. HE can always find humor in a real bad situation.

9. He never ever ever EVER yells.. except when playing sports, board or card games. haha.

8. He is irrasistable and makes my heart flutter everyday!! :)

7. He lets me sleep in A LOT!

6. He is very knowledgeable in the gospel and teaches me so much.

5. He is an exquisite chef. Exquisite!! that is a fun word. seriously a WAY better cook then i am.

4. He is a very hard worker and puts his whole heart into everything.

3. He is very tolerant of me and my craziness! Seriously...I'm really crazy and paranoid!

2. He loves his baby girl and is SO proud of her. He is such an incredible dad!

1. He treats me with so much respect, always tells me I look nice.. even though most of the time i am in my sweats with no makeup ( i really like to be comfy), he has such an upbeat attitude, and he is just the greatest husband EVER!!!

i think that was more that 10.. but oh well! Happy Fathers Day Spence!

Love your two biggest fans, Kels and Soph


erin said...

Spence is great. He is so fun. You are just great together! Im glad you got a good man and you are happy. Isnt your anniversary coming or just past??

Andy said...

great post kelsey! you guys are very cute together

Anonymous said...

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