Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Butterflies in my tummy!!

The past few days I have been feeling a little fluttering going on in my tummy. I am only 16 weeks so I am feeling it alot earlier than I did with Sophie. I guess I shouldnt be suprised. Everything about this pregnancy has been sooo much different.... boy?? hmmm. I guess we'll see! Anyway I am trying to enjoy this little bubbly feeling inside of me because I remember how it feels at the very end and it can be not so enjoyable when you are being kicked in the ribs all night.
Anyway we are back in Edmonton!! Here for a few weeks and then we are done!! I am so looking forward to being back in Lethbridge... ALL 3 of us!! I thought I would post some pics of what happened on our overly extended trip home.

Sophie fell in love.. with another Briggs.. Linds your gonna have to break the news to your Briggs that she has two in her life now! We went into dinner at the silk purse on Sunday night. They built a new facility in the old curling rink that is sooo beautiful! They have been doing dinner theatre there and it seems that everyone has been having there wedding receptions there. Anyway we went in on Sunday with some family friends and it was so hilarious to see sophie run after Briggs. I am gonna have to teach her to play hard to get. She can be so forward sometimes!
My dads land! He was so lucky this year and got an AWESOME crop!! Go DAD!!
Right before a big rain storm
We went to the Cardston parade which was really great this year! sidenote: Sophie is in love with the Quinton girls!! she bawls when they leave. I pretty much didnt see Sophie when we went to the theatre. I am gonna have to have them over for many sleepovers in the fall. They are a great help. This is Sophie with Teagan (tigger) at the parade!

My cute mom! I thought she would appreciate this one..
Sophie loves soup. She would eat for every meal. When she sees me grabbing a can she is so excited yelling, "yay soup yay soup!" she is getting quite good at eating it too!

Right when she woke up! My favorite time ever!!

I think this is a hilarious picture. My mom took it and showed it too me as she is laughing her head off. We both agree that it doesn't look like her at all. She looks so uptight!

Sophie with Kimber (as sophie would say- kimbee)

My cuteness sisters!

a pic of sophie in my dads field

sophie and kara (kaya as sophie would say)
I realize that the majority of these pictures Sophie has a dirty face. Sorry about that! She really isn't dirty all the time I promise. Anyway thanks everyone for the congratulations! I know I was kinda vague when I announced it. To answer your questions.. I am 16 weeks, due at the end of January. I don't know what it is yet but have an ultrasound scheduled for when we get back in a few weeks. I have been feeling good! Not great for a few weeks but I had a pretty nast pregnancy with Sophie and so this has been heaven. i haven't puked once so that is awesome. I didn't announce it for so long because I wanted to hear the heartbeat first. I am starting to show, I can't believe how much faster that happens when you have already had a baby. Yikes!


cwalburger said...

Well, I do have to say that you have become quite the photographer! I showed really early with Samantha too. I had to wear maternity pants by 7 weeks. Hearing your pregnancy story thsi time aroundis making me more willing to think about the next one. No puking. . hmm it mihgt be worth it. Enjoy your last few weeks in Edmonton!

cwalburger said...

You can tell I am tying when tired when I can't spell. . sorry. Enjoy your day anyway :)

Schows said...

Kels, your looking beautiful! The pregnancy glow is alive and well in your case. It skipped me... I had the pregnancy "swell" I'm sure of it. I love the "butterflies" talk... that is one thing I did really like about being prego. Sophie will be the sweetest big sister ever. her hair, by the way still astounds me.

Woods said...

Kels, I miss you! When will we ever get together?? I agree with Liv, you are glowing! Sophie is so beautiful...a miniature you! I want to play with her!

erin said...

I have been wondering when you were going to go for round two. Congratulations!!!! You are so cute. Happy late birthday to you too. I totally thought of you but we were super busy the entire month of july. Oh Im just so excited for you!!!!!!!!

PeavoyMom said...

It's so cool that you can already feel baby moving, I felt this one at 16 weeks too and everyone told me that was early, but I LOVE it, as I'm sure you do too. Can't wait to find out what you're having... can't wait to find out what I'm having.... lol

the fellers said...

fun pictures! I love it! Sophie is getting so big, I cant believe it! I am glad you are having a better pregnancy! It sucks to be sick, especially with a kid already! I know, you start to show so dang fast after you have already had one, eh? I hate it! Hope things continue to go well for you!