Monday, May 11, 2009

Why am I still awake?

Yes, I am awake at 2:00. I should be sleeping and I will be kicking myself in the morning but I just had to have a luxuriously long Sunday afternoon nap today. I figured I might as well do a blog post now since I'm up. 

I am pleased to announce that little Sophie muffin is all trained. She loves the potty and hasn't had a single accident for over a week. It only actually took 3 days to train her thanks to freezies (thanks Krystie!) She is not dry through the night but i am in no rush for that to happen. The best thing is that she will sit on the big toilet without her dora seat on it. I can actually go out and not put a diaper on her because she will go in the stores on the toilets there. We went to the science center on Saturday and she was so good- peed on the toilets there and didn't have any accidents all day. 
This picture was on the 2nd day of potty training and I kept making her sit on the potty every 30 minutes and stay on there for a few minutes. I went in to check her and she was asleep. It's a tiring job. 
Anyway Randee and I packed the kids up and went to the science center on Saturday. We live right on the LRT tracks so we figured it would be easier to just take the train... I'm not quite sure it was worth the few dollars we saved on parking. Anyway we hopped on the train in Shawnessy and headed down town. It took me back 8 years when jessica and I had to take the train to hair school every morning. I actually felt kinda sick to my stomach the whole time remembering those bitter cold mornings in our all black clothes (dumb dress code), getting up super early to get on that dang train. eeeew. I'm just remembering all those crazy people on the train that Jess and I tried not to react or acknowledge when they would talk to us... ok a flood of memories are coming back.. One time we were chased in the early early morning by some creeps that jumped out of there rapist van. There was NO ONE else around and they were saying "Were doing this for a reason!" I am freaked just thinking about it... Jess if you are reading I am sure you are too...Anyway I am trailing off. Soooo we each hauled our 2 kids on the train right down to where we went to school and walked to the science center. It was super fun once we got there. There is a fun exhibit for toddlers and Sophie and Jaycee had a real fun time.
I laughed when I saw this picture of Sophie. I am grateful for her cute little button nose when I see this.

...... speaking of crazy people on the train this guy got on the train on our way home and walked straight over to me and started touching Ella. I was getting so annoyed, sicked out and freaked out. A few minutes later he put his hand on my arm, looked me in the eyes and said, "You should get a job." I don't know what that meant, nor did I want to even get into it but I was sure glad to get off that train... I bathed Ella the second we got home. All in all it was a great day and we had fun... although I dont know if we'll be too eager to take the train anytime soon.


CrystalHW said...

That is nuts about the train stories...makes me hesitant to take the train in the city.

Looks like they had a great time at the science center.

krystie said...

as if you took the train...ha....that would be the last thing i would take my kids on...although the elevator in our building kinda compares! im so proud of sophie! i would have bathed my baby in a second too....i hate when strangers touch my baby!...HATE IT! anyways...hope you guys are doing good down there

Woods said...

oh kels we could write a book... and I think we should. top seller for sure

Andy said...

ha ha ha your train stories are hilarious. It's funny to think those are the same ones I grew up riding everyday! (It was the cool thing when I was 13 afterall).

The Science Centre looks like it's gotten some new things since we were there last, we'll have to take a trip this summer for sure. I love the Science Centre. Lucky you to be close to all of those fun things for the summer! I'd love to live close to the zoo. We'd go everyday!

Carrie said...

Haha, I love your creepy train stories. There's just something about public transit....I try to avoid it at all costs.

ps Sophie asleep in the toilet is so cute.

the fellers said...

he touched ella? SICK!!! I am sorry.....and YAY for being all trained, that is great, it is slow going for Scoty, but he is doin pretty good....all in good time, right?

kdjzed said...

That may have been the funniest thing I have read in weeks! I know that you were mortified by some of the events that took place but I am dying! I would have had a hayday with the person who told you you should get a job! There would have been a lot of angry words exchanged! The big city has turned me into a hard, cold person! But thanks for the laugh!

Lorraine said...

I used to love the trains. My kids thought it was a real treat to ride them. I am sad to say i have never been to the science center even tho I lived in Calgary for 23 yrs. It's great to have Krystie and her kids there with you.

Marilee said...

Duh! You have a job! Some people!