Monday, February 8, 2010

Little miss one year old!

Ella turned 1 last week.. We haven't had a party yet (bad mom bad mom)... we will have one once were in our new house. Anyway Ella's first year of life she was the epitome of angel baby. She slept the night the night she was born and never turned back, she was soooo low maintenance hardly ever cried, just smiled. My grandpa called her sweetie pie because.. well.. that's exactly what she is. That's what everyone calls her now. In fact I rarely hear Soph call her anything but Sweetie Pie. Anyway the day she turned 1 in came a little attitude. I can't even complain. I had the most luxurious 1 year with my little accessory. I toted her anywhere and everywhere whether it was nap time or feeding time or anytime she would be her happy content little self. She really is still such a good little thing. She's just getting funny! She grabbed a pool ball the other day and hit herself in the head with it... she was so mad at that pool ball that she threw it and then kept crawling after it and yelling at it then throwing it again. It was hilarious and frightening.... It's almost like she has gone from baby to little girl. I was making dinner the other night and all I could hear was little giggles in the room and I went to Sophie's room and saw the two of them playing with barbies. It is so crazy that they are doing that already. I am so excited for this new phase of Ella's life. The second year of life is so much fun... Here is a picture of every month of sweetie pies life:

5 days old

1 month
2 months.. that's ALL she did for 4 months was sleep. All day and all night. I was so spoiled!
3 months
4 months
5 months
6 months

7 months

8 months
9 months
10 months

11 months
1 YEAR!!!!


Collette and Kevin said...

total sweetie pie. that's so cute. alexa calls payton "sweet pea" the majority of the time. do you think they're related???? anyways, happy birthday ella!

benandkristi said...

she is soooo cute!!! i love her so much! and grace totally calls kaia the same thing, so obviously they are all meant to be best friends! hahahahahaha!!!! ps- i told kai today that i saw baby ella earlier and she got so excited and started looking for her everywhere! haha! oops. so now i devastated both your child and mine. on a major roll!

Crystal HW said...

She is a cutie!

Candace said...

What a cute little girl! It's amazing how fast they grow up! I love the picture of her up in the air, too cool!

Lorraine said...

What a cutie. She has the best smile.