Saturday, June 5, 2010

Trip to the zoo zoo zoo

Well wow! There sure are a lot of pictures on this post. I apologize!.. I tend to be a little excessive when posting pictures. Anyway I basically came out here to Winnipeg because I felt like it was my wifely duty and I really just needed to take one for the team. Don't get me wrong, I missed Spence something fierce but we just got a house that I am still trying to make my own and really... Winnipeg???? Let me say I am pleasantly surprised. I really quite like it out here. There is a lot of fun stuff to do, super fun wives and lots of little kids for mine to play with, nice nice (did i mention air conditioned) apartments, lulu lemon outlet!!!!, and the weather has been beautiful. Anyway here is pics of our trip to the zoo. We had a ton of fun and especially loved the fact that it's only 4 dollars gate admission.


Kimberlee said...

I'm sooooo super jealous!!! I'm the only wife and there isn't one kid for Rylee to play with.. Sad! I'm so happy you are enjoying it though. Enjoy the lulu outlet they are the BEST!!!!

Crystal HW said...

Seems they had some great buildings at the Zoo for photo ops. Glad to hear that "Winterpeg" is treating you well!

kyleandtaryn said...

It's been a long time! Hope you remember me (was Taryn Greep)'re girls are so cute! Looks like you are doing well...crazy that we're all grown up with families of our own! I was so excited when I found you on here. P.S. your photography is amazing!