Thursday, August 12, 2010

10 years!!

I can't believe this day has come. I have been graduated for 10 years!!! I loved High School. I don't look back and think that I am so glad it's over. I had a great group of friends and have some of the best memories. I always wish I could escape from mommy life for a day and go back to High School the way it was. Life was so simple and carefree. The biggest of my concerns were what pair of jeans I would wear on the weekend. Anyway I am so glad that so many of my High School friends were there. It was like not a day had passed. I loved it all and am so appreciative for all those people that spent so many hours organizing it!!

This is Jessica's little girl, Grace. Jess and I were just a few years older than this when we became friends. She was my only friend for a lot of years because we were both so extremely shy. I think about it and laugh because she was my best friend but we never hardly even spoke to each other. We just kinda followed each other around until we decided to break out of our shells and the rest is history. She has been my friend forever and I am so glad that our little girls finally got to meet each other! There not quite as shy as we were. Fewf!

i cannot describe how much i love this chick!!!
some of the out of town girls
teale's little girl tessa is so cute and sophie loves her!
little finley!
i was so happy jess and lyns were there. i've missed you both!! love all these girls!! these girls were some of my closest friends. I haven't seen much of any of them except Maris ( and really we should see more of eachother given that we live so close.. we'll be better right Maris?)


Candace said...

I can't believe that you were every shy!
I'm so jealous that you guys all got to see each other and have so much fun. I wish I could've been there, maybe at the next one for sure!
Just please don't forget about me!

bgibb said...

kelsey! i didn't know you had a blog. i love it. and i love that you posted these pictures! i'm kicking myself for not taking one stinkin picture. it really was so good to see everyone!

bgibb said...

oh, and can i say how much i love what a dork colin is in the background of that one picture?

Woods said...

we sure were shy. I miss you! And sleep overs and hip huggers under your bed and telling Bart that the barn was flooding with milk and sitting in you pantry admiring all the good food and poofing your bangs....
I fly out on tues so we need to visit before then. I was planning a trip to Leth but unfortunatly cracked my rib whilst in Utah waaaaa but call me at my moms. 10 mins at the reunion was not nearrrrrr enough!!

Crystal HW said...

I agree, it was a fun time.

Schows said...

Gorgeous. The lot of you. Oh the years I spent admiring your fashion senses and thinking you were the stuff. Wish I could've been there! Your girls are daring! Can you believe I've still never even seen Ella! I'm so jealous that you got to see my cutie patootie nieces and my hunk of a nephew, not to mention Jess and Lynz. P.S. Kel you still are the stuff by the way.

kdjzed said...

Oh man.....I so much did not want to even to go to that crazy reunion but now.....I'm so glad I went!! Thank goodness! And you're right ~ it was exactly like no time had passed and it was so good to see everyone and of course you were at the top of my list!! And while I have missed you dearly over the years ~ seeing you only made me miss you more and I so wish I lived closer. :)