Tuesday, September 11, 2007


so i realize they are barely there but i can finally put sophies hair in pigtails! YAY!! i think they are a little funny but spence loves them so much. he tells me to put them in her hair everyday so i pretty much have. anyway other than that exciting news not really much is new. we move into our place in lethbridge on saturday and we are so excited! oh one other thing.. so sophie has been consistently sleeping the night for the few weeks- (9-7 then a feeding and back down till 9:30! HEAVEN!!) anyway on saturday she woke up 3 times in the night and i was thinking what the heck!! i kinda let her cry a little and then she would go back to sleep. i didn't think it was teeth because she already had 4 and i heard that #5 and 6 come way later. anyway the next morning when she woke up she had 2 new teeth!! aaah! i felt like the worst mother, letting her cry through that pain. anyway she has been doing way better even though she has an extremely runny nose. also sophie has been saying mama and dada. i think she knows what they mean too because when i go to get her out of bed she says mama and the same thing when spence goes in there she says dada. when she was 7 months my grandma pack walked in and said "hi baby" and no word of a lie she said "hi baby" right back. we all looked at eachother and burst out laughing. i wondered if it was a coincidence but we kept saying it throughout the night and she said it a few times more. it was hilarious and yes a little creepy. sophie also has started scooting around on her bum to get places. she is really close to crawling but who knows? she seems pretty content getting around on her bum. well WOW this post has become a whole lot longer than i expected!

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Jessica said...

Kels. I LOVE the pigtails! It made me think about Calgary...member my little ponytails all over my head...oh dear. Sophies are much much cuter! I am jealous though cause I can't even do a pony on Gracies longest part (right on top) the back is still completely bald! Maybe caution Sophie that she might run into Gracie, holding a can of hairspray under her arm, coaxing her into the bathroom to do a little styling! ha.