Sunday, November 4, 2007

10 months

Sophie in her doggy bed at Ross
Lydia Enkirch and Sophie
Mel and I and our girlies
too bad Sophie isn't smiling cute like Lydia
me gettin' cuddled after her nap.. my favorite time ever.

Sophie is 10 months old today. I actually just realized that a few minutes ago so I figured it would be a good time to do a new post. Sophie is growing and learning so many fun things. She just got another tooth and I think another one is on it's way. She is still a really good sleeper, although her bedtime has been getting a little earlier so she has been getting up a little earlier but it's okay. I still usually get 7 and half to 8 straight hours. She has starting saying "OH" to everything. When the phone rings her eyes get so wide and she makes a perfect circle with her mouth and says, "Oh". She hasn't quite started walking yet but I think that she is pretty close. She motors around all day long and she has even figured out how to get herself from sitting to standing without grabbing onto anything. Anyway it's fun!

So Spence got home from school on Friday and we were just sittin' around so bored and he said, "Why don't we go to Great Falls for the night and come home tommorow". So we did! We were out the door within a half an hour. It was so fun! We went christmas shoppind and lots of fun! It was so great to buy things and not have to pay GST and have our dollar worth so much more. Anyway we got some things for Sophie for literally half the price of what we would pay in Canada. It was really funny. I was in Ross and Sophie was really tired and went to sleep in my arms. She was getting heavy and Spence was somewhere else so I got a doggy bed and put in my cart and laid her in it and found a blanket there too and laid that over her. I felt so trashy doing that but she slept in there for an hour and I got some good shopping done. The store manager came up to me and thought she was gonna get mad at me but she just said, "That is the way to shop. What a good baby you have."

When we got home from Great Falls we went straight to our friends, Melissa and Eric Enkirchs parents house. It was so fun to see them. Actually Sophie and Melissa's little girl, Lydia were born on the same day. Not the same hospital but the same day. I will post a few pics. They seriously have the cutest kids. I don't have any pics of there little girl, Hannah but she is so so cute!

Anyway not much else is new here. It snowed today. I really wanted to put up the christmas tree but I refrained. I thought I should wait a week or so. I guess I still have the U.S. mentality that you have to wait till thanksgiving is over... I guess our thanksgiving is over. OK maybe I'll put it up tommorow.

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erin said...

I can not believe she is 10 months!!! She is getting so big. How fun though. SHe is at such a fun age. I love ross and the doggy bed.