Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

our new and improved christmas tree... ya those are some of her presents under the tree
i think this is so funny that it says be nice to your money above her head

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Really my apartment has looked like christmas since the day after halloween which is when I took down all the halloween decorations and started on the christmas ones. I know I am kinda pathetic but I just love christmas. I put up my little $20 tree that we got when we were first married and it was actually kinda depressing. It was so sparce that you could see right through it. I was complaining on the phone to my grandma pack and what do you know the next day she shows up at my door with her christmas tree, which is so full and luscious. So typical of my grandma. She would give you the shirt of her back. Anyway I told her I couldn't take it but she insisted that she wanted to get a pre-lit one anyway so I agreed to "take it off her hands". Anyway old charlie brown got tossed into the dumpster without hesitation and up went up the new tree and I LOVE IT!! i have actaully had it up for the last few weeks but just took pictures of it today.

Anyway other than getting ready for christmas, not a whole lot is new. We went home for alumni this past weekend and it was fun! None of Spence's grade came but he got to play with the guys a year older so it was good. It was fun to see friends and watch Spence play basketball.

Sophie is doing well. She is 11 months on the 4th. She isn't quite walking but she's trying her best and having lots of wax outs. She has 3 bruises on her face right now poor dear. I feel so bad! She is just so reckless. She's into everything and gets herself in the most akward places. Oh well. I think it's normal???

She get's so hyper when she plays with her daddy. He really riles her up. It seems like she always wants to be with him when she's happy and wants to play and she wants to be with me when she is sad. hmmmmm. i posted a few pictures of her playing with Spence. This is probably when she should be going to bed but she is just so cute when she gets hyper like this and it tuckers her out and she is SOOO ready for bed.

Hope that everyone is well!!


Shon said...

I LOVE that first picture of her, So cute, and that headband is adorable on her!!

Vinnie said...

ok, so that last comment was from hubby was logged into this computer...sorry to freak you out!

The Brandleys said...

I love christmas too! oh and p.s. i was reading some of you past entries, when were you guys in Rexburg? we were there from 2003-2005 and then we moved to Vegas, but now we're moving back to Rexburg. crazy I never knew you were even there! Sophie is getting so big and adorable. what a beautiful little fam you have!

erin said...

Merry christmas indeed. I can not believe you have a one year old (almost). i love that you love christmas so much...rumpapumpum! So great. Oh i good to your money.

Hey are you guys really maybe making a trip down here in Feb?

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CMortenson said...

kels, how did you do that cute new border?

PeavoyMom said...

Kelsey, I love your new blog. Very cute! Sophie is a doll. Literally, she looks like a plastic doll, she is sooo perfectly cute. We'll have to take pictures of her and Mosiah if we ever make it up there!

lynsey said...

Kels: Your tree looks great! I just have to say that I loved your new album on face book! There were too many "goodies" to comment on just one! Sophie is so cute I can't believe that she is almost one! She will be so fun on Christmas day. Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas! Lyns