Monday, April 13, 2009

Work It

Sophie is in love with the camera lately. I think we may be watching a little too much America's Next Top Model. I watched a whole marathon a few Saturday's ago and got absoloutly nothing done. I actually didn't even feel guilty. Anyway I have to take pictures of her doing everything. I love it of course considering it was like pulling teeth to get her to pose before. I am really hoping it stays this way .. I am doubtful though. This was right before bed after I took out her braids-- I think she was trying to distract me from putting her down actually. It definately worked- I got a kick out of her explaining every emotion she was trying to capture with every pose.

This one is "Mommy I am a kissing fish bop bop!" (She thinks that's the sound a fish makes??)

"I'm a froggy arribit aribbit"
"Mommy sooooo cute!"
I don't remember this one???
"Im so happy". (I personally think it's "Im clinically insane" but whatev
"Im saying my prayers now good job Sophie"
And this one..... Oh my I have to explain this face. Spencer likes to call it "Stink Eye", I prefer to call it "Quasimoto". I think every other picture is this face. She did it once and we laughed so hard at her and now it has become her favorite thing to do when we pull out the camera. 
Anyway if you have troubles getting your kids to pose.. just watch a season of america's top model with them.... I am a terrible mom! :)


benandkristi said...

loved them! such cute pics... totally made my morning. i love that kid!

the fellers said...

haha, love her!

CrystalHW said...

lol, kids can sure make life interesting. Love the pictures.

Collette & Kevin said...

soooo so cute! alexa is loving taking pictures herself with the camera and if we take a picture of her, she has to "check it out" after each one. funny kids!

Christal said...

she is so cute! Love the clinically insane one those are awesome!!

Lorraine said...

What a hoot. I laughed till I cried.

lynsey said...

LOL!!! These are all so cute!