Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I was finally feeling like spring was really here until today... it has been smowing and cold today and we had a nasty day of wind yesterday ( i was seriously panicking as I was trying to push a cart with both my girls in it into walmart and it was blowing away) but all in all it was pretty nice week. We had a nice easter sunday. We woke up and Sophie looked for eggs all over the house and then went to church. I'm sure the speakers were wonderful but I wouldn't know because the majority of the meeting was spent in the mothers lounge. Anyway here are a few pictures of Easter.

i love Sophie's easter dress. I got it at Costco in the states for $15

One more thing.. Ella's getting big! Why does time have to fly by so fast?

We had the Wolsey's over for a BBQ and to watch the final NCAA basketball game. We have all been huge fans of UNC for a long time and they finally won!!!! YAY!!! It was a little hard to concentrate on the game with these little girlies dancing all over the place. As you can see Ben is DJ'ing in the background!

I just love how much these 2 love eachother!

Last week Manda and I took the kids to the park. Sophie skinned her knees 6 times. She is a slightly clutsy girl- that mixed with a new pair of shoes resulted in some seriously owey knees.

We enjoyed a delicious bbq of kabobs at Tanner and Amandas. My mouth is still watering thinking about it.


Roe Family said...

seriously you have pretty dang cute little girls!!!

Lorraine said...

Cute pictures. Enjoy every moment with those little girls. They do grow up fast. But when they do they will always come home to You their Mom.

CrystalHW said...

Love the easter dress. Kids do grow up too fast. Glad to see you were able to enjoy the weather long enough for a trip to the park.

Lyndsey said...

Hey Kel I was thinking we need to get together some time maybe with Beth and have a night out, scary I know, it will not be long until you leave. Thanks for being my mail pick up. Cute pictures once again! Call me

Woods said...

Umm I'm pretty sure those kids are you and Tanner!! soo cute. Ella is so yummy!

Christal said...

your girls are getting so big already!!! HAppy anniversary to you too!! It was a good day eh!!