Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I love my girls!

Have I mentioned that? I have learned a few cool things in photoshop and have had fun editing some pictures over the last few days. I took some pics of the girls outside our apartments the other day. I was suffering from shear boredom, due to our roomates across the hall (the Wolsey's) going home to see family for a few days. But they are home now so life can continue being super awesome and fun!

This little one is just learning to sit up. She can only do it for short periods of time then she kinda bends in half-- but she's getting better and better everyday. Is it normal that I feel a tiny bit sad about it..? I just don't like her getting bigger. I just want her to stay a cuddly, sweet, perfect little thing forever.

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Crystal HW said...

Cute pics, Kels! I love using photoshop...fun toy eh?