Sunday, May 2, 2010

7 years!

May 2nd, 2003
It was a good day.. the best day.
I woke up to the sun shining.
My mom and I hurried into town and took a quick trip to the church so I could take a peak at the decorations.. perfect!
I walked into the temple KNOWING that I was doing the right thing.
I was so excited and jittery.

People talk about "the look" that they get from there husband to be the first time they see them on there wedding day.
Ohhh I know about the look.
Tears filled up in his eyes and I knew that he was as sure about it as I was.

7 years! Go us!
I love my husband, I love my husband!
He knows how to handle his 3 girls perfectly.. believe me, It's not easy.
He's the best.. seriously.

Happy anniversary Spence!
Wish you weren't in Winnipeg.


benandkristi said...

ohhhhh! you are such a little romantic! what a perfect anniversary post... he will love it! i wish you guys were together today too.

CMortenson said...

way to go for 7 years!! we're coming up on our 6th. i can't believe it. happy anniversary!!

Gifford and Amanda said...

Congratulations to you guys! We hit six years here pretty soon and it seems like it goes by so fast. Happy Anniversary!

Christal said...

It is a perfect day isn't it!! Happy Anniversary to you too!!I forgot we had the same date! ours is just a little while before that ha ha!!

Crystal HW said...

It is such a great day, for sure! Congrads on 7 years!

Atleast after the summer, you can take a belated Anniversary Trip just the two of you. I know with work busy in summer, it is hard to get away. Rob's work is like that too so we take some time just the two of us in the fall...and it is just as great!

Here is to 7 more great years!

marisajbaines said...

oh pregnancy tearing up! you said it so perfect!