Wednesday, April 28, 2010

confessions of a crazy mama

So yesterday at about 4:30 I decided I needed to go do some errands. It's been just over a week since Spence left and getting used to doing everything on my own is gonna take some time. Anyway we finally got out of the house and I knew that the kids would be getting hungry. I was gonna be real quick and we would be home by 5:30 and we could eat supper and it would be great.
Well one errand led to the next and pretty soon I hear Ella saying, "Yum, yum." (that means she's hungry).. then I hear her eating something. I turn around and she is eating a fry.. a day old fry that was in her carseat from the night befores "dinner". I literally burst out laughing. I am the mom I said I would never be. What has become of me.. There are soooo many things wrong with this picture.
1. Fries!!! I said I would never do it.. who gives there kids fries for dinner? I was at costco and it just seemed all to convenient.
2. Feed you kid already.. then she wouldn't have to eat the fries from her carseat.. which brings me to the last one
3. Clean out your car seat lady!

I remember reading all kinds of books before I had Sophie. I was sure that I wouldn't ever break the rules. I would NEVER give my kids anything deep fried. (supersize me anyone?). I would never let my kids sleep with us... Sophie may or may not have slept in my bed every night since Spence left (not her idea either). I would nurse my kids for a year (5 months with Ella.. that's close right?)

I am sure I have seriously grossed out many by this confession.. I could try and give you all the reasons I gave my kids fries for dinner and I could tell you that I have been sick as a dog this week and it takes a lot of energy to take care of 2 kids on my own.. I could tell you that I did vaccum and wash out my jeep 2 days before, but I won't.

I also won't tell you that instead of going home and making my kids a delicious, healthy dinner I went through the mcdonalds drive through..

I know you all have your confessions.. I wanna hear em.


marisajbaines said...

kel, i loved this post. so true. i said the same thing..ha. but right now i have a little confession. Me and Parks have almost eatin a whole bag of ripple chips while reading blogs....chips..juice... the other nigh parks ate three hotdogs.. sick! okay dont judge me but there are my confessions for the week. oh and it is only wednesday! great post!

the fellers said...

HAHAHAHA...I am so happy right now...I am NOT grossed out, if I was I would be 100% grossed out with MYSELF! Oh my gosh, I am so happy with this post. It all seems so much more easy in a book hey? Sometimes I really wonder if people with no kids write some of those books, not to say they arent right most of the time, cause I have read a lot of really good books, but sometimes I wish they would be more real and tell us how it really is going to be, I dont think it will hurt your kids to give them fries every once in are the best mommy!

CMortenson said...

i'm right there with ya sista!! payton LOVES french fries. they keep her happy while i'm trying to have an adult conversation at mcdonald's playplace and alexa is playing with friends!!! hahah...oh and sick as a dog and no energy...hmmmmm, sounds a little suspicious to me!! ;-)

Kimberlee said...

I'm pretty sure my confession would sound EXACTLY like yours!!!! I think fries make a perfect lunch or supper and I to have made a trip to mcdonalds this week already, plus costco ( fries of course)
I loved your post though! There is no "perfect" way to raise kids. And I do not believe any book can tell you how to be a good mom and raise your kids right. All kids are different, all parents are different and I think you are an amazing mom and have 2 beautiful girls!!!

benandkristi said...

well i for one am totally repulsed by you and your parenting. i think you should probably bring your kids to my house so that they see how real parenting is done. just saying.

Crystal HW said...

Every time we go to Cardston, we stop at McDonalds for supper. We try to leave time for the Play area, but not always. Sam LOVES fries! Maybe it is a good thing she doesn't like carbonation, or she woudl be a pop kid like her dad.

I only breastfed Sam to 5 1/2 months, so you are not alone. Plus, seeing as she is allergic to Soy I had to put her onto Whole milk instead of formula. (long story)

I have been known to let Sam watch TV while I have a bath so I am uninterupted.

I swear, books are not "teh law" when raising kids. It all comes down to what your kids will follow, or handle. Besides, it isn't like we are only feeding them fries.

Great Post Kelsey!

Jill said...

hahaha-too funny kelsey and totally normal. one or both of my kids end up in my bed by most mornings. we try to take them back to their beds in the night but sometimes you're just too dang tired or don't realize they're there...if we ever eat out i tell ry please don't get pop or fries b/c that is all levi will eat. i nursed dani for 10 mos, levi for 8 and the next kid will be lucky for 5 mos. oh and i was just thinking today how horrendously disgusting my car seats are but do i care? not really....

Mark and Hilary said...

Carson wore clothes over to a friend's house that he'd worn all the day before & to bed. He also had peanut butter on his face. He drinks chocolate milk like it's Candy (Nestle's quick......extra calcium.....wah wah wah......justifying my actions) He watches way more tv/movies than I'm willing to admit at this point, but let's just say it's a lot.
Never feel bad about what you're doing. If you don't like it - change it. If it doesn't bother you - don't let anyone make you feel bad!

Laura said...

It's when you don't feel bad that there's a problem... did that sound good? What do I even know? haha ;)