Saturday, July 14, 2007


so i don't really have a subject i just wanted to add a few pics. not really much is new. i am flying home in 3 weeks. it will be super hard being away from spence for a few weeks but it will be really nice to be home and enjoy some of the summer in cardston. sophie is doing really good. she is become such an easy baby. not that she was ever difficult but she is just so happy and content all of the time.... well most of the time.


erin said...

Happy birthday Kelsey. i just love that we have the same birthday and the same middle name. How much more do we need? what can I say? were wombmates. Im in chicago this week with romney and were having a great time. Things are going good and life is great. were going to see Wicked this week Im sooo excited for it. Anyhow Happy Birthday!!!

The Fellers said...

hey...I totally feel your pain! being away from Shon has been the hardest thing EVER!!! I so want to go home, but I still have a week left! I hope that Sophie still stays happy!!! Wish we could see you, but we will miss you by a couple of weeks!