Monday, July 2, 2007

Yogurt + Granola = yumminess!!

Seriously the two greatest foods in the whole world! They should have there own food group. I wake up in the morning craving my yogurt and granola. This kellogg's granola is the lowest in calories and fat i have ever been able to find and the yogurt is fat free and sugar free and only 80 calories per cup. You would think it was nasty being that healthy but mmmm mmmm it is a delight!


Lindsay said...

Kels! It's lindsay roberts...hall I guess. I just found you off of krystie kapsos' blog. You just wrote me a message on facebook, but I can't figure that thing out. I've been meaning to try to, but haven't got around to it yet. Anyway-LOVE your blog! It's so much fun. That's exciting that you're in Philly...that's where my husband served his mission. He's always raving about it. much fun. I'm going to add you guys to my links and check up on you all the time. I'm a huge blog fan. Anyway-you have the cutest little girl. She and Beckett should hook up (yeah...they are only a few days apart!) Take care!

Lindsay said...

Hey- If you want to see my blog (I don't think you can access it from my name) the address is Just thought I'd let you know!

krysett said...

yummy...its making my mouth water right now. im a huge fan too!