Sunday, December 16, 2007


Sophie and Watson reunited. It was so fun to meet up for lunch with Tanner, Amanda and Watson. It's about time!!
Look at how seductive Sophie looks. She was workin the camera!
Nice and messy. I think it's a mixture of yogurt and ravioli.. mmmm???
A little hyper and ready for a bath and bed
Sophie was really tired. While I was getting ready for church she fell asleep while watching cartoons. Looks like Spence is ready for a nap too!

I am so in love with christmas. I love this season more than any season.... except for the freezing cold. I wish that it could be pretty and snowy without the cold factor. 9 days till christmas and only a few weeks till Sophies 1 year birthday!!!!! She has kinda started walking. She will take 4 or 5 steps on her own then she gets scared and topples over. She will walk when she's ready and I am not stressed about it.

Okay one other thing.. Sophie is weaned!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYA!!!! It has been a week and a half and it couldn't have been easier. Although I was down to one feeding a day anyway. But I am telling you she is sleeping better and seems to be happier all around. I think she was getting just as tired of it as I was. She has been drinking out of a cup with a straw for the past 3 months and now she drinks whole milk out of it. My doctor and the nurse told me that it was okay to start her earlier then a year and she has been just fine with it. So I am very happy!!!!

Did I mention how much I love being back in southern alberta?? Everyday I love it a little more. It is so fun to have family and friends pop in and out all the time and have my mom less than an hour away. I also love being back in Canada where we aren't foreigners. The U.S never felt like home to me. I loved it but I always felt like a visitor... well I guess I was. We were referred to as aliens at the university. Anyway we love it and would love to be here forever and ever an ever!! I have always been a total homebody.


erin said...

the nine day of christmas is right. Time is flying by and Im not ready! okay sophie is so funny she is great. I can totally see her personality in pictures. Yeah she is weened that is fabulous. that makes life sweeter for you for sure!!!

krysett said...

looks like you found your camera hey. cute pics. did you guys call the town about those lots?

lynsey said...

Kels- Just wanted to say that you are one hot mama! The new pic of you and Sophie is way cute. Lyns