Friday, December 28, 2007

Almost 2008!!

Christmas was awesome. We drove all the way up to Grande Prairie. Let me tell you 20 hours of driving in 3 days with a 1 year old is not my idea of fun... but we had a great time with Spencers family. It wasn't even that cold. I went up thinking it was going to be -40 but suprisingly it never got below -8. Anyway we all got VERY spoiled. I lost 7 pounds last month but I am pretty sure that I gained it all back. There was so much food. Anyway I don't have any christmas pics yet but I will post those shortly.

Spencer installed an alarm at the Kapscos' and I went over there and Krystie snapped some of the most adorable pictures of Sophie. I am so in love!!.... with the pics and her camera.

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The Fellers said...

Those pictures are SOOOO cute...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year