Friday, December 21, 2007


Merry Christmas everyone!! We are heading up to Grande Prairie to spend christmas with Spencers family so I probably won't post anything till after christmas. This is going to be a very different christmas for me. My mom and dad and kara are going to Ecuador to pick up Kimber... she has been there for the last 3 months volunteering at an orphanage. She has had the best time and I know that it has been such a humbling experience for her. She is such a good example and I know that it can't be easy to leave and go to a foreign country for 3 months to give service but that is the kind of girl Kimber is. She is always giving and even though I am the oldest in the family I have always looked up to her as such an example.

Anyway this year my family has decided to forget the presents all together and just send gifts to Ecuador for the orphans. They need it so much more then we do. It will be so cool for my family to give them all these presents. Kimber asked them a few weeks ago what they wanted for christmas and no one said anything. A minute later a little girl said that she would like a toothbrush... a toothbrush? that's a need. They are so grateful for anything and everything.

These adorable little babies and children just want to be loved. When the girls walk into the orphanage in the morning the babies are all standing in there cribs saying, "mama, mama" They think these girls are there moms. A little boy was walking out of the orphange one day and kimber asked him where he was going and he said, "I'm going to find my mom and dad." It breaks my heart when I hear these stories. It makes me feel like I so grateful for the wonderful life I have and to have been raised in a loving home with loving parents. One day a little orphan girl was wearing some clip on earrings that one of the volunteers had given her and Kimber told her how pretty they were. At the end of the day the little girl walked over to Kimber and put the earrings in her hand and told them she could have them. The earrings were probably one of the only things she had and she wanted Kimber to have them. Of course Kimber didn't take them but I thought the least we can do is sacrifice one Christmas and give to these orphans that have so little. My mom and I were talking about how maybe we should change our focus on christmas every year and try to remember the true meaning of christmas. I hope that next year we can do something similar.

Anyway I hope that you all have a safe and fabulous christmas!!!!!

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The Brandleys said...

That is so sweet! It's awesome that your family did that, I bet you totally made their Christmas! Hope you had a good holiday, I'll let you know next time we come up, it would be awesome to get together!