Thursday, January 31, 2008

Savin' some for later

Sophie has had this thing the past week or so. After she has finished eating her meal she will put the remains in her hair. It is quite gross and it is creating alot more bathtime then usual but it is also really funny too. I will say, "Sophie don't!" and then she looks back at me and says, "Don't!" and shakes her head then keeps on doing it. I try really hard not to smile because I don't want to encourage her but sometimes it is so hard. Yesterday she had 3 baths. She was eating oranges for breakfast and she put all of the juice in it... There was pulp in there and it was so sticky.

This one was the funniest. I seriously thought that Spencer had put the macaroni and peas in there but it was all her. I guess she thought we might not notice and she could have a midnight snack.Sorry Sophie!

This is her rubbing Milk in her hair.

Anyway I think that I just need to start taking her out of her highchairt as soon as she is done eating. I did that this morning and it was good. This morning was quite a treat. She slept in till 10:30. I love that she doesn't go to bed super early. I have started putting her down between 8:30 and 10:00. I know that it sounds crazy but it works really good for us. She will usually sleep 13 hours. I love it! She is also a walking machine now. She never ever crawls anymore. It is so fun! She wants to be walking all the time. Even in the stores and restaurants which is a little frustrating. But oh well. Oh one other thing.. we are going to Indianapolis this summer with APX. We just found out. I am so excited! We went there not last summer but the summer before and it was really fun. I was pregnant and pretty sick so I didn't get out as often as I wanted so I am looking forward to seeing more Indy. It should be a ton of fun!


erin said...

what a funny sophie girl. ROmney will be jealous of Indiana. He served his mission there. SO fun that she is walking. :)

PeavoyMom said...

That is so funny. Mo just chucks his food over the edge of his tray. The other day we were in this restaurant and he threw a bun, so I leaned over to pick it up, only to have five more peices hit my hand as I was retrieving it. I picked them all up, pushed them far out of reach, and then he managed to grab bills plate and dump it on the ground. I rolled my eyes, and in doing so noticed the old lady sitting at the table next to us totally busting a gut she was laughing so hard. Sigh... Anyways, to answer your question, I thought Sophie was born on the fourth! So now we're both confused. I was sure that I had Mo the day after you. The more I think about it, the more confused I get. LOL. Okay, so Sophie 3rd, Mosiah 5th, right?

PeavoyMom said...

By the way, I love your new background. Also, I just read the side bar on your post that Sophie was born on the 4th, but your post was on the 3rd, so now I don't even know what's going on. I believe my brain may have left my body.