Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Sophie and I before the party started. I am making the cheesiest face.
sophies first dolly

So the birthday party was real fun! We just had family there and it was really simple. We had cake and opened presents... Sophie got extremely spoiled. Whats new? The cake didn't really turn out like I wanted it too but oh well. It was chocolate with big pink polkadots and it was so cute then it got really warm and the pink polkadots on the side ran. It was actually quite funny. But the best part of the night was when Sophie started to walk... It was so hilarious. All of a sudden we looked over and she was walking across the room. She made her big debut at her birthday party. I love that she can finally walk. It has been frustrating her to no end and now that she has finally done it she is so proud of herself. She still crawls alot but she is walking more and more everyday.
One other thing my family got back from Ecuador. They had so much fun.. except for my mom had to go to a ecuadorian dentist to get a root canal which is never a good thing. But they brought us home SOOOOOOO much stuff. I was so excited because my dad and kara bought me the alias seasons. I am creepishly obsessed with Alias. I love it love it love it!!!
Spence also started up school again. He has all of his classes on tuesdays and thursdays and 1 on friday which is really nice. But he is going to get a job which kinda sucks but oh well. Anyway Sophie is awake so I better end this!


erin said...

you have a walking 1 year old. Crazy. Kelsey you are going to DIE...Romney hooked up our old phone last night(we've been using one of my parents older phones) and once he hooked it up we had old messages on the answering mechine. First message "um this is Lindsey IM JUST BUGGING YOU,,, anyways whats up?" I died laughing. No way I have that recorded! Pure entertainment. THen your little voice came on the mechine several times. Awe...I miss you. You are so great.

The Fellers said...

I LOVE her pigtails....she is so cute, looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

The Fellers said...
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The Fellers said...
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CMortenson said...

awww...happy birthday sophie!! such a fun time. and congrats on walking. we've well mastered it now too and i LOVE it! alexa is a much happier little girl. we need to get these cute cousins together again soon. where are you guys going to be this summer?

Lindsay said...

Hey Kelsey! I haven't checked your blog for a while, and I tell you...time just flies by. I can't believe that our kids are one and almost one! Craziness. Anyway, Sophie is a doll. You guys look so happy.

PeavoyMom said...

Holy cow. Can you believe our babies are a year old already? Mo-mo is almost walking, but he's not quite there. He can walk if he's holding onto one of my fingers, without my support, but as soon as he lets go he just sits down. He will stand in the middle of the room though. Anyways, Sophie is a doll, and we should get these two together sometime and curse them with over due babies. LOL, or not.