Saturday, September 20, 2008

home at last.... sorta

so after a long summer we are finally done...kinda. spence is going to help out the edmonton office for post season for a bit but we are all moved into our place in raymond. It is strange living in Raymond but we have actually really been liking it! It is so nice to have a house that we have so much space and a place for everything. I have so much kitchen cupboard space i don't know what to do without it all. i have been cooking more than i did all summer! we went to our ward on sunday and everyone was so nice too. sophie is doing really good! she is 21 months pretty soon and at times already acting like she is 16! she can be slightly dramatic at times. she is constantly amazing us with the things that are coming out of her little mouth. she has been breaking out a few short sentances lately. dora the explorer just came on and she said, "animal is in trouble". we think she is pretty smart! she knows how to count to 5 but only likes to do it when no one is watching for some reason. the other day she was counting her toys in her room and i heard her say 1,2,3,4 and as soon as i walked in she wouldn't do it anymore for some reason. we are really enjoying her being able to communicate and i am starting to not stress as much about having this baby... dont get me wrong i am still plenty stressed but i know it will be okay. we went in for the ultrasound and baby is healthy... but would not cooperate, hence we don't know the gender. we are gonna get a 3d ultrasound soon though. i am a planner! anyway we have been having a great time since we have been home. i canned peaches and salsa with my mom and man are they delish! the salsa is mmmmm mmmmm. one other really exciting thing-- my brother, chase gets home from his mission in toronto in less than 2 weeks!! we are all so excited we can't hardly stand it.. especially my mom.

we bought a few garbage baskets from dollorama and when we got home sophie decided that it was a better toy then garbage. it's now in sophies room with her toys.

we went to the leavitt county fair and my mom, spence, my dad and i were in the lawn mower races. as you can see here i am only second to last place.. a few seconds later i got passed and we finished last.... by a long ways!!

our first meal in our new place.. pork roast, potatoes, carrots and salad

my beautiful sister who is tied for the greatest sister in the whole world!!!

sophie and her favorite person (seriously)! She loves tigger!!!

ceaser salad. my mom made some homemade dressing and sophie ate a whole entire bowl. she had the worst garlic breath the next day
soph and "gamma" at kara and kimbers house! oh ya kara moved to leth!! YAYAYAY!

i just had to post this! spence didn't get his eyebrows tweezed all the summer. don't worry it is all taken care of now!
little orphan child!


Woods said...

You're living in Raymond? how fun! A whole house....ahhh that sounds so nice. I love all your new pictures! Sophie is so grown up and so darn cute! What is your new phone number by the way? I would love love to have a visit. Write it on my blog or something....

Kimberlee said...

im so happy to hear you guys are doing so good!!! Do you think you guys will go down to the year end party? I hope you do!! it would be so fun to see you again.
Sophie is just adorable, isnt the talking sentences so much fun?? I thought id attempt the whole potty training thing, and it took a whole day to get her trained. It was the easiest thing, yet i had been putting it off cuz i didnt want to bother with the hastle.
If id only known how easy it was going to be!!

But it was good to see the update, and as soon as you find out what you are having you have to post it! im excited to find out if its a boy or girl. We go oct 9th, and i really hope we get to find out!!

CMortenson said...

oh, i'm so glad to finally see updates!! we've been wihtout power/electricity for the last 8 days (it JUST came back on tonight) so i haven't been able to blog stalk!! anywho, looksl ike you guys are doing well. email me your # so i can call and chat with you sometime!!

PeavoyMom said...

I can't believe our babies are growing up so fast! I can't believe she's counting to 5, she's a genious. We play this counting game with the older boys, where they have to have all their toys picked up before we get to 30, and Mo does 1,2,3 and then at random times throughout our counting he says 9 or 4, but not all the way to five yet. She's a genius, it's official.

And I can't believe Chase is already getting home from his mission. Time flies.

cwalburg said...

Samantha is like that with counting and stuff too. She will talk up a storm, say frases, do actions to songs, and count to ten when no one or only Rob and I are watching. If anyone else is around, she will hardly say anything, or do anything. Maybe one day our kids will grow out of their stage fright. Glad to see you are enjoying your new home!!