Saturday, September 20, 2008

A week in Red Deer

When they told us that the last week of the summer we would be going to Red Deer for the guys to sell I have to admit I was less than impressed. A week in a hotel with no car in Red Deer did not sound like my idea of fun!! But I was pleasantly suprised. We had a blast! All of APX was on one floor so we just kept our doors open all day and the kids had soo much fun running up and down the halls. We went swimming every day after the continental breakfasts and we were right across the street from a mall so we would push the kids strollers over there and hang out when we got bored. It was a great way to end the summer.

Watson Leavitt, Ava Anderson and Sophie.. all only a few months apart
We ate really bad that week as you can see. I am on such a healthy kick right now due to that week of scandelous food.

Pretty Pretty Ava
We got this ghetto playpen from the front desk. The girls all loved cramming in there. They were eating honey comb. I had to empty the whole thing out before putting Soph to bed. It was full of honeycomb.

I love this little guy. We are wicked buds.

On our way to our home for the week!
Sophie and Zoe watching cartoons. Sophie is obsessed with Zoe. They have very similar personalities and get along sooo great! We wish Zoe lived closer!

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PeavoyMom said...

I love sophies face while she's eating the pizza. So cute.