Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kalispell, Montana

Spence has been working for apx for 3 summers now and anyone who does this job knows how crucial a little getaway is after the summer is over. It was a busy busy summer! Anyway for the last 3 years we have made a little trip to kalispell after spence was done working. We stayed with my parents in Whitefish and had a great time! I spent way too much money shopping but other than that it was time well spent!

this is me and soph on the top of logans pass.. they were having a ton of construction so we were stopped at the top for about 15 min. we took advantage of that time and took a few pics. didn't turn out so well. i was holding onto sophie soooo tight.. it was a long long drop behind me!

this railway track was RIGHT outside my parents trailer. it was a long few nights! sophie slept right through it all.... i, on the other hand woke up in a panic every single time the train went by. everytime i was sure that it was going to de-rail. anyone who knows me knows i WOULD think that!

i HATE this pic of me but sophie has been doing this pouty lip thing lately that i think is so cute. unfortunately it is getting her anything she wants!

spence took this pic and thought it was cool and really wanted me to post it!

she was sad for some reason... can't remember why!

sophie and "gamma"
teaching her nice and young..


PeavoyMom said...

I love how you guys all match. Was that planned?

Marilee said...

I'm waiting for the "the post".......