Friday, January 9, 2009

Catching Up

So I have some catching up to do.. the baby will be here soon and i might not get to blogging for awhile after so I thought I should catch up on christmas! December was a big huge busy month with us going from one thing to another. Sophie had absoloutly no routine but it was sure fun!

We had 3 cousins get married in 3 days.. I hate myself for not getting pictures of the beautiful brides but trust me.. they were beautiful!
I did get a picture of this.. this did not happen very often with the two of them so i was excited when i had my camera right there. Now Sophie is constantly saying that she "wants to kiss Watson." Yikes!

Christmas was soo great! We spent it with my family this year and it was so nice to have Chase home. We had a delicious christmas Eve dinner at my Grandma Packs. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the food... but i did get some of the cranberries.

We opened a few gifts the night before Christmas... this is all that my mom has wanted under her tree for christmas for the last 2 years.
Sophie snuggling with Kara on Christmas Eve right before bed Christmas Morning Sophie was so excited to see this little kitty peaking out of the top of her stocking! Spence bringing Sophie upstairs when she woke up at 10:30 christmas morning. It was great!!
the little kids
Sophie got a dolly from my mom. She is so cute with it. She puts her down for a nap every 10 minutes and reads her stories.
We wrapped up a little play mouse in a box for my mom. Her reaction was everything we hoped for.

Sophie got everything a little 2 year old could ask for... although i am convinced I could have gotten every one of her gifts at dollarama and she would have been every bit as excited.. next year!

after a long day of presents Sophie was exhausted and could barely make it to grandmas arms for a nice long 3 hour nap.. a perfect day!

Anyway we are finally getting back into the swing of things and trying to get Sophie back to going to bed at a decent hour before the baby comes. She seems like she is growing up so fast. I am so excited to see her with the new baby... only 2 and a half more weeks. I am still feeling great.. i can still sleep, i still haven't got heartburn, and i actually don't feel uncomfortable yet. I am huge but somehow handling it quite well. Spence is in Cancun until Sunday. He went with APX and when i heard 3 months ago when they were leaving we both thought there was no way that he would be able to go given how I felt when I was 8 and a half months pregnant with Sophie but the closer it got the more sure I was that I would be just fine and I insisted he go. It was only for 4 days and he worked real hard this summer for this trip... plus I really wanted him to bring home some white vanilla. haha.. Sophie and I are having a great time hanging out with my sisters and I feel like I have been getting way more done than ever... I am totally nesting. Anyway it's about time for Sophie to have a nap and I think I might do the same.


the fellers said...

10:30 am? What the? i SO wish my kids would have realized that it was Christmas, and you are supposed to sleep in on Christmas, although they didnt get up till like 7:30...I know that is early, but our day USUALLY starts at 6:30. I want to see a belly shot before this baby comes....PLEASE???? I love belly shots, they are so cute.. you are so lucky that you are not uncomfortable yet, and are feeling good, and you are a brave woman for sending spence away, I would be so scared that I would be going into labor, but my due dates are always messed up....anyway, good luck with everything. Sophie is so dang fetching cute, and oh, that pic of your mom is priceless....oh and, what do your shirts say? They are cute!

CrystalHW said...

Glad to hear that the pregnancy thign is still going so well. I am also glad to see a post from you. However, in a few weeks I will understand if you take a few weeks absence to enjoy your new baby. :)

Happy New Year!

Woods said...

AHH Kels. I miss you guys! These pictures are so darling... I love your family. And I am sick that I didn't get to see you! I am going to call you before this baby comes...we need to visit!!

erin said...

it so nice to be with the family. I love that you are nesting!! I think that term is awesome. Im really excited to see what this little pankhurst brings. Im a little curious about the play mouse you got for your mom. What? Im totally jealous spencer is in cancun but at least you get to be with your sistas!

PeavoyMom said...

I loved this post. It's cool to see the Christmas Traditions of other people. I love the t-shirts, and i'm so stealing the tradition for next year! Did you guys make them yourselves... probably your mom eh? We're totally planning on being in Cardston next Christmas, I hope you're around so we can get our babies together. It's so weird that we seem to get prego at the same time! My baby is due on Jan 18 and it looks like you arent' much behind me. Maybe you'll go early and I'll go late and we can meet in the middle... but I don't really feel like going late so, why don't you just go early! You deserve it after the long haul you put in with Sophie!

CMortenson said...

looks like you guys had a great christmas. i'm so glad you're still feeling great. i'm already feeling SO pregnant and i still have 3 1/2 months!! yikers. but i can't wait to see pics of your new little sweet pea. do you guys have a name picked out?