Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Someones 2!!

Sophie had her 2nd birthday on Sunday! We had family over and had pizza and cake and opened presents. It was really low key but Sophie was so excited! She got more presents and lots of attention. I can't believe that Sophie is already 2. This little girlie has made the last 2 years of our lives the best ones so far and we just love her so much!

My cousin Jen Piepgrass graciously offered to make Sophie a birthday cake given my current state of humungousness. She is soooo talented and I so appreciated her doing it. I think it is the darn cutest birthday cake I have ever seen.. and it was so delicious too!

Kara and Kimber got Sophie a tickle me elmo live. She wasn't too sure about it at first ( a little too lifelike I guess). I am happy to say that Sophie and Elmo are good friends now.

She loved her stroller, high chair and playpen for her baby. Every little kid needs one of these play phones. My mom got her this and it took me back to my younger years.. I didn't know they even made them anymore. Sophies favorite part of the night was at the end when my Mom and Kara's friend, Jaylene popped all of the balloons. I have not seen her laugh like that ever. It was so funny!


the fellers said...

oh my gosh, isnt it crazy that they are 2? I cant believe it. A few things, first, that cake, oh my, what a cute cake, and what a talented cousin you have. Second, I can NOT wait to buy Rylee little strollers and play pens, and stuff for babies. I am SOOOO obsessed with that stuff. I think shon had to retrain me this year at Target, I wanted to get them for her for Christmas so bad, just cause they are so cute. Instead we got her a little doll "My first baby Doll" And I keep giving it to her, cause I want her to love her baby, but she has no interest yet....oh man...I hope she does, and third, where did your mom get that phone? I have not seen one of those in like 15 years...I want one SO bad! Scoty would LOVE it! Happy Birthday Sophie!

PeavoyMom said...

Wow, our babies are two! i have to say Sophie's cake was much cuter than Mo's... when I find my camera I'll post it, lol. When are you due again? I've decided that you need to have your baby today, so that I can have mine tomorrow. That seems to be the tradition.

cindy said...

what a sweetheart! Happy 2nd Birthday Sophie!

CrystalHW said...

LOL, I got a good laugh out of her in the playpen! Love the cake!! I got one of those phones for Sam at Wal Mart for her first birthday..she LOVED IT! Time does fly so fast. I am glad to see you back in the blogging world...I was starting to wonder if you had had your new baby since you haven't blogged in so long.

erin said...

2??? Where is the time going? Glad you guys had a fun little birthday party. That cake is awesome. And I love the picture of her in that baby dolls pack n play thing. :)